SEO Predictions Of 2015

Everyone loves prediction, and it is more like when the prediction is related to money making. For bloggers here’s some SEO predictions for 2015 and hope this edge turns true as the days and months of this year passes by.

SEO Predictions Of 2015

Let’s start with the snippet of it. Remember few of the below for the entire year:

Mobile will continue to grow.
Use of exact keyword is predicted to diminish.
The knowledge Graph to keep more users on
Grey hat SEO or black hat SEO will stop.
Website design is to be such that people must like.
No more fake links will be helpful. More to this, it will be hard to earn real links.

It is said the content-drive businesses will lose in 2015 and beyond. In brief, if the website is of providing answers to audience, it is really going to be a bad time as the site comes in direct competition with Google.

The IoT (Internet of Things) will be redefining search marketing. This mean the future of search will more rely on the global positioning systems, sensors, automatic identification through beacons and other types of technology that has the nature of pushing information instead of what we enjoy today of pulling information.

It is also said henceforth the marketers will be wasting time with HTTPS. More sites will be switching over to HTTPS. Your visitors does not care this but Google does. Hence it will become necessary.

One good news for SEO people is that we will see fewer Google updates this year. This means there will be little decrease in algorithm changes in 2015.

Not very sure, but it seems Google+ will die. It will be a slow death in 2015. Integrations of it with the existing Google products is said to either be removed or made optional. Also, hangouts and photo sharing will be de-bundled.

The big news is that Apple will be launching its own search engine. However, as of now this is only a wild speculation, but not to forget that competition between Google and the iDevice giant is heating up.

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