How about Tasting Some Local Delicacies on Your River Cruise?

River cruises are available the world over and they are becoming increasingly popular. When you book on a Globus Tours vacation package, for instance, you are guaranteed to be provided with a true adventure. Not only is your destination adventurous, but the food you will eat is equally so. Cruise operators often include chefs on board that specialize in the cuisine of the region you are sailing through, which means you can already enjoy some more unusual dishes. However, when you stop in a port, you really have an opportunity to try something completely new. Here are a few examples.

How about Tasting Some Local Delicacies on Your River Cruise
How about Tasting Some Local Delicacies on Your River Cruise

Crocodile in China

If you take a tour along the Yangtze River or any other part of China, you will probably stop in places such as Shanghai, Xian and Beijing. Take some time to find some local Chinese markets, where you should be able to taste the local delicacy: crocodile. It is not the healthiest of meats, as it contains a lot of cholesterol, but it is now popular the world over, including in South America, Cuba and Australia.

Eel in Spain

Glass eels can be consumed in Spain and they are really unusual. Called ‘glass’ eels because of their transparency, you should be able to get them locally between October and April. Most of the time, the eel is fried with some garlic. It is an expensive dish because the eels are quite rare, but if you are lucky, you should be able to try some.

Frogs Legs and Snails in French

The French love their snails (escargots) and frogs legs (cuisses de grenouille). Snails tend to be over baked in their shell with a dollop of garlic butter on top. Frogs legs, meanwhile, are pan fried with parsley and garlic. Both dishes are absolutely delicious, although many people struggle with the idea that they are actually eating snails and frogs. However, if you feel adventurous, give them a try, you certainly won’t regret it.

Caviar in Russia

Caviar is the dish of the rich and famous. You can now get cheaper versions, which are chemically produced and nowhere near as nice. In Russia, you can try the true Beluga caviar, which comes from the Caspian Sea. Because it is locally sourced, it is also a lot more affordable. So, where you would pay several hundred dollars for a small jar in this country, you only have to pay around $20 for the same jar when you are in Russia. If you go to a good restaurant, it will often be included on your salad as well.

Stuffed Pigeon in Egypt

Pigeon is also not the most unusual of dish in as such that, like the caviar, it can be obtained in most other countries. However, do try it in Egypt. Firstly, this is because it is stuffed with local produce, herbs and spices that you will absolutely love. Secondly, the pigeons are also local and they taste very different from those you could eat in a regular restaurant.

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