Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy

Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy

Venice is a very popular travel destination in Italy. Once you are there you quickly figure out why. The city is compact and small so it can easily be explored in a short time frame. At the same time, it is gorgeous, historic and romantic. You are sure to be blown away by the architecture, Burano, Murano, the gondolas and the canals.

What is really interesting with Venice is that there are countless travel activities that you can enjoy when there, ranging from the possibility to try local dishes on a food tour to enjoying numerous romantic activities. It is common to get overwhelmed. This is why we should list the following as things that you absolutely have to try on a trip to Venice, Italy.

Get Lost

One of the very best things you can do in Venice is to put down the map and simply wander down random streets. At least for one day, forget about the popular, big sites. All you have to do is explore the small canals that are off the tourist trails.

Venice is pretty small so you can easily just walk everywhere and cover most of the city in just a few hours. Relax in smaller squares and explore as many canals as you can. It is also a good idea to just go café-hopping.

St. Mark’s Square Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy

Visit St. Mark’s Square

This is the best possible location to use as a start for your exploration. Once you reach it, you can easily move on to most of the really big and popular sites in Venice. If in the square, be sure to use your phone for a panorama photograph. Also, feed the pigeons and allow yourself to watch people so you can see the diversity present.

Campanile di San Marco Stairs Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy

Campanile di San Marco Stairs

Campanile is the name of the bell tower you see in so many photographs of Venice’s skyline. You can only reach the top if you take an elevator. However, once you get there, you enjoy the very best city view possible.

Admission hours vary based on the season. Between April and September, you can do between 8 AM and 9 PM. The rest of the year has reduced hours. You just need to pay 8 EURO for the experience.

rioalto Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy


Rialto Bridge Views

Ponte di Rialto stands out in the city as its most popular bridge. It spans across the Grand Canal and from its top you can enjoy another iconic city view. You can visit during sunset or sunrise if you want to avoid crowds. If you do not worry about crowds, just visit whenever. The experience of watching vaporettos, ferries and gondolas from here is quite mesmerizing.

Ride A Gondola Things You Have To Try In Venice, Italy

You Have To Ride A Gondola

It might sound like a cliché and you might think that this is just a tourist trap but the truth is that you simply cannot visit Venice and not ride a gondola. Obviously, most of the tourists that do not do this avoid the experience because of the price tags.

Officially, the rate is of 80 to 100 EUR for 40 minutes. However, this does not mean it is how much you are going to pay. You can actually negotiate. Agree on length and price before you get inside the gondola and remember that singing costs extra. Also, the gondolas that take you to the smaller canals are cheaper and still a great experience to consider.

Experience The Views Of The Doges’ Palace

This Venetian Gothic palace has been the Doge’s residence for hundreds of years. Nowadays, this is a very interesting museum. You need to seriously consider a visit since this location gives you a sneak peek into the real history of the city, not the one that is promoted to attract tourists.

The only problem is that there will be large crowds here so you have to expect a longer wait time than you initially thought. The Palace can be toured alone or with the help of a guide. Make sure to bring your camera with you since this is another place that offers great Venice views.

As you can see, there are so many interesting things that you can do and see in Venice. This is why so many recommend that you spend at least a week here, although if you are in a hurry, you can have a great time even during the weekend.

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