Tips On SEO Trend In 2015

When the year starts a new and different question arises for webmasters. They want to predict SEO trends of the new year. Here’s a brief of it.

A study done by BrightEdge says organic search will continue in 2015 as it was before in driving good traffic to websites. Similar to the 2014, keyword data will be less reliable. More to all these, the gap between desktop and mobile search results will continue rising.

Tips On SEO Trend In 2015

It is said those webmasters who can optimize mobile website better will separate winners and losers. The sites who are still away from mobile SEO, multi-device optimization will fade away, suffering drop in mobile search rankings.

Google has developed predictive search answers and this will rule in 2015. The results will be delivered before even asked question is completed.

Engagement will be a powerful quality signal. It is said the social signals may affect the ranking. It is said social media will continue to expand further.

It is also said in 2015 Google may be experimenting with Knowledge Graph. Search results under it will be sighted without organic inks. Local business houses may be able to optimize Local Knowledge Panel further. More to this, experiments with the local SERPs will keep on moving ahead.

Last but not the least, content will still be the king of everything. It will gain importance. It is shocking to learn too that content promotion may become difficult without paid visibility.