Top 5 presentation tips for giving a Killer Advertising Presentation

presentation tips

The presentation is the most important thing if you’re in the advertising field. The ability to sell the work and sell it well is what is needed irrespective of your position. Be is a creative director, art director, designer, copywriter or in account department, presenting is important. An advertiser who is bad at presenting is a swimmer who has aquaphobia. Therefore, here are 5 presentation tips that will make your advertising presentation a killer.

Don’t present anything you dislike: No matter how good a person is at presenting, he/she can’t present and show the work they don’t like. If you are not positive about it, how can you expect the client to buy it? Therefore, love the presentation work initially. For example, if someone at your company came up with three different creative ideas out of which one is an average idea but also the one which fulfills all the requirements and the other two are exemplary. Clients usually buy the so-so one which has all the characteristics and which is not very expensive. But the sad end is that it won’t even sell product much either.  Therefore, if you’re lukewarm about a particular idea, kill it! This is a very important among the presentation tips to consider.

Practice repeatedly: You need to get things in order before giving the presentation. Therefore, it is important to have a run before giving the actual presentation for practice. As I said before, no matter what position you hold, it is important to practice. If you have different work opinions, make sure you look good to the client and cover up all the differences. Be clear about how you came up with the idea, what you did, what benefits you’re seeking, how are you going to produce it and how much the entire thing costs.

Walk The Room: Eliminate the unknowns if you have any. This one stands out among the presentation tips. Starting with the room, walk through the presentation and if you get frightened at any point, delete the part to be more confident. The unknowns will terrify you. Also, it is important to make acquaintance with the room and the room’s atmosphere before giving the presentation. Therefore, know the layout and make a quick visit if you’re to give the presentation at a new place.

Nobody is a monster: Many people have the stage fear because of the audience they’re facing. The big bad can either be the CEO or the Professor in the College, he/she is only a person. You might have met them before and have spoken to them a couple of times in the least. So, assume that you have an exquisite working professional relationship with them in order to ease the drastic tension. This tip becomes very handy among the rest of the presentation tips.

Fight for what you like: Clients/Audience can be hesitant in the first place. They usually don’t go for new ideas which are huge and which involve a lot of risks. They don’t come forward to represent the unknown ideas and therefore will be willing to kill many brilliants ideas that you came up with several sleepless nights. Therefore, fight for them. Tell them that it’s worth it. Be noticed and stand out. Make sure that you gain their confidence.

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