What is the most efficient way to wash your Automobile? – Car wash at home

Car wash at home

Ever wondered what’s the best way to wash your van or car? Here’s something you should know about the car washers is that they are not always their best. Sure, the car washing service is convenient as all you have to do is just pay some bucks out of your wallet. But, is it safe? What if you’re left with car scratches at the end of the wash? Manual of Automatic, the car washing services are all the same and if you have invested a ton on your car why not invest some time, effort and maintenance costs for cleaning it? Here’s how to Car wash at home:

Supplies for Car wash at home:

  1. Liquid: Notice that they are types of car washing liquids and therefore choose the one which is best in the market by staying away from detergents. The crystals in the detergents might scratch your car. Always look up to brand value and don’t user dish washing liquids or shampoos either.
  2. Bucket: Don’t look for anything fancy. Make sure you have multiple buckets that can hold 4-5 gallons of water. Strictly dedicate them for car washing and don’t store any chemicals or oils in it.
  3. Sponge or Wash mit: Buy a Spong or a mit that works well for the cleaning purpose.  I prefer the mit as it doesn’t slip from your hands and reach the ground to collect the dirt and stones. Even if it did, you could clean it by flushing the fibers out efficiently when compared to the sponge.
  4. Bug and Tar Remover: Make your life easier and find a good bug and tar remover. I prefer Turtle Wax Bug And Tar Remover, but try a few and see which works best for you.
  5. Chamois: Own cotton towels or synthetic chamois to dry your car after washing. It is important to absorb the water rather than let it dry on it’s own in order to maintain the outlook of the car.

Step by Step Process for Car wash at home:

  1. Instead of washing the car outside, do it in the garage in a cool area where there is no direct sunlight.
  2. Pay attention to the underneath part for chunks of dirt, grime and pay extra care to the wheel wells.
  3. Spray the tar remover on the surfaces which have tar and bugs like the side mirror, wheel behinds, front grill and make sure that you don’t leave it for too long. It’s better to soften the remover by adding some water to the bucket instead of using the concentrated one.
  4. Now, start from the top and work in sections gradually towards the bottom. Avoid any spots and then do the roof, trunk, bumper, doors and hood.
  5. Rinse every time before loading up more soap and make sure that you’re not polluting the car by polluting the fresh water with dirt and grime.
  6. Once you’re done, make sure to pat the car dry with the cotton towels till they absorb the water spots and all the soapy water. Then let the car to dry for around 2-3 hours before using it.


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