4 Reasons Why You Should Start Dropshipping Business

Reasons Why You Should Start Dropshipping Business

It has never been easier to create an online store from scratch. So it is about time to start your own e-commerce business. If you have never heard of drop shipping  business, it is a model of online business where you sell products online but you do not have the items with you. Instead of keeping products in your warehouse, manufacturers (that are your product suppliers) send items that were bought in your store directly to the customers.

You might think that it requires a lot of knowledge, money, and work to start such a thing. However, it does not require a lot of that. Below in this article, I explain to you 4 reasons why you should start your drop shipping business and why it does not need such things as big investments, a lot of work and knowledge.

It is Easy to Start

Easy to start-Dropshipping Business

The best part of dropshipping is that it does not require huge investment as well as any diploma or education. You start your online dropshipping store in less than a day.

To run a successful dropshipping store you do not need to be an expert in any specific field. Of course, knowledge like that can be beneficial for your store. However, there are many people that became successful dropshippers without even having a high school diploma.

Also, you do not need to hire web developers that would create a website for you. It can be easily done with modern CMS that have intuitive drag and drop builders such as WordPress or Wix. You can even use Shopify that was created especially for online shops and have inbuilt plugins that can help you to automate your dropshipping business.

On Shopify, you can use Oberlo that allows to automatically add products from AliExpress to your shop. It also automatically fulfills orders, track price changes and much more. On WordPress, there is WooCommerce that basically turns your WordPress site into an online store with all the benefits of it. These days, there are such tools that make dropshipping available to everyone.

Simple to Maintain

Simple to Maintain-Dropshipping Business

The dropshipping is also more beneficial than usual online retail business because it is easier to maintain it and scale it. You do not need warehouses, employers or anything of that sort, you can work alone from your home office.

The opening of usual online retailing store needs a lot of investment at first, you need to buy all the stuff you are going to sell, have a warehouse where to store it and maybe even employees that would pack as well as send the packages to the buyer.

When you are a dropshipper you do not need all that. The only thing you need is a computer and internet connection. You online provide people with a possibility to buy stuff from you, but all the other things like packaging and sending are done for you by others.

So it does not require much work to maintain your website and does not require huge investments. If by any chance you do not succeed, you can easily close the store without any a headache.

Flexible Job Nature

Dropshipping is a really great job for you if you are stay-at-home dad or mum because you can work on it from anywhere. Also, you can be a successful dropshipping working on a full-time job, attending college or doing anything else.

The main thing that you need to do while dropshipping is to advertise your store that people would know about it. It roughly requires several hours per week to post regular updates on social media and increasing general brand awareness. You can also schedule your social media posts which would save even more of your time.

Dropshipping can easily become the part-time job that you love as you are not tied up to one place 8 hours per day. It allows you to travel and do whatever you want if you are not in a mood of working.


Inexpensive-Dropshipping Business

Most of the profitable business models require large investments upfront. Dropshipping does not require that, you only need to have about $20 for your online store hosting and that’s about it for the start.

Of course, there might be some more expenses if you want to buy some advertising on Google, Facebook or any other site. But it is not necessary, to begin with. You can advertise your store on social media as well as community forums for free. And only later when you earn some cash invest it into more expensive ads.

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