How to cut expenses by using an official translation service

How to cut expenses by using an official translation service

The translation providers have gained popularity in the recent years. This popularity has increased due to the fact that people are looking for better life opportunities by immigrating to foreign countries and expanding their businesses in other countries all around the globe. Both scenarios require translation at some point; immigrants need to translate their personal documents and businesses need translation and localization in order to expand to foreign markets. In either case professional translation is needed as in immigration an official translation service needs to be used while in business, bad translation could do more harm than good.

In an attempt to reduce costs, many people use machine translators to carry out their translation tasks such as Google Translate and Bing Translator. These applications are useful when it comes to translating something only to understand the general idea of the text, but cannot be used at a legal or professional level.

Why is an official translation service necessary?

For immigration purposes or for other legal purposes, it is essential that one chooses an official translation service, which in the United States is either a certified translator or a certified translation company. Those are the most reliable service providers. If you wish to get translation services that involve authorities and legal entities, it is crucial that you look for the right translator.

If you need to hire professional translation companies, you must know about the types of certifications so that you can choose the right company for your needs.

official translation service necessary

ATA certification

ATA is an abbreviation that stands for American Translators Association. This is an association which was developed with the aim to provide certification to the most skilled and reliable translators as a way to help people who are in search of reliable translation services or translators. The translators interesting in becoming ATA certified have to face an exam in order to become certified. The certification assures that a translator has the skills, training and knowledge to provide translation service that meet the requirements and standards of the ATA. ATA certified translators and companies provide a translation that is accepted all around the globe and is considered to be reliable.

One thing to note: a translator or company doesn’t have to be ATA certified in order to provide certified translation, but it is preferred that they are.

USCIS certified?

There is no such thing as an USCIS preferred or endorsed translator or translation company. USCIS doesn’t recommend anyone; all they do is to check if the translation has been done according to their requirements. To make sure that you get translations which will be accepted by USCIS just search for such a service, there are numerous translation agencies offering such services.

How can I get the translation for cheap?

can I get the translation service for cheap

If you wish to get all your legal documents translated for USCIS submission, it is important that you look for a translator or a company that provides USCIS certified translations because the documents translated by them will pass immigration scrutiny.

It is also important to pay for a service that helps you and not just be a waste of money. If local translators are not certified or they are asking too much, you can search for a service anywhere in the US. They will send you the translation and the certificate of accuracy and all you have to do is to print them or to send them to USCIS by email as they don’t require originals. When legal issues are involved it is best you opt for a translation company that is certified as a company would provide extra services a freelancer can’t do, like extra proofreading by a second translator, and some of them will do that even at a lower price than an individual translator.

An official translation service to translate your personal documents is easy to find, all you need to do is to open us your browser and search for it. Ask for quotes from a couple of them, compare and choose the best one for you. Official translation doesn’t have to be expensive and you surely don’t want to pay premium fees when you can get the same service at a lower price!

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