> Why To Have An Effective Live Chat Widget On Your Website

Why To Have An Effective Live Chat Widget On Your Website

The near future era of online business will demand you to have an effective live chat widget on your website to help your customers to proceed with purchases and also to support with after sales service. If you are new to such facility, below are some important details for you to follow:

live chat widget


Give a human touch to your customers. This is what the first priority of live chat on your website should be. Greet your visitors with a warm welcome message and don’t forget to place your logo on the widget’s icon to formulate brand identity. Place the live chat button in a consistent location so that customers know where it is so that in case they need quick help. Place photo of your chat agent too so that your visitors know with whom they are talking.

Targeted proactive chat

A survey reveals 83 percent of the customers need help to complete a purchase, but it is also true all of them may not initiate a chat thread and may switch over to another website, probably of your competitor. Here it is suggested to proactively identify such customers who need assistance and open a chat window for them to offer support. First allow them to remain on your site for a while before interrupting.

Available at schedule

If you are unable to serve customers 24×7, it is suggested to identify the peak traffic hours and thereafter make a time-table of being active on chat. Display the chat timings on your site so that your visitors know when you will be available to chat in real-time.


Promote the chat facility as it is a gateway to your success in online business. Probably you can opt for pay-per-click (PPC) to advertise your live chat as it is an effective medium in generating a buzz. The platform will help you in creating awareness. Try to make the advertisement appealing so that interest of target audience can be gained. The other way you can advertise is through email newsletters. Schedule the advertisement during working hours so that it reaches more people and make them know you are available to respond to their queries.

Staff training

Hire good staff for the live chat as they will be directly interacting with people in real-time. Provide them proper training and award them sometimes for their good work as it will keep them motivated to served the customers better.

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