Best Tips How To Recover Fast After Cycle Race

After your cycle race comes to end you need to take care of several things to recover fast. Below are some of those discussed in brief:

cycle race

Ahead of full stop need cooling down

Don’t stop suddenly after the race ends. Continue spinning for another five to ten minutes as during the race blood vessels in legs expands and it will stay in place like pools of water if you stop without slowing down. You may run the risk of minimizing your body’s ability to get fresh blood in.

Once off you bike keep moving

Don’t stop off the bike too. Keep moving even after getting down and allow the muscles to continue to contract. So it is suggested to walk a few minutes after getting your bike.

Remain hydrated

It is always suggested to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water after the race ends as dehydration usually delays the recovery process. It is better if you take protein-type drinks like chocolate milk. It would be a good recovery drink in fact. If not, a plain water or electrolyte-type water can do. Take note that sport drinks are okay but don’t over drink it, which means don’t over-hydrate yourself.

Protein helps in recovery

Consume a lot of protein as it speeds up the muscle repair process. Experts always say protein is important for your recovery. Take a high-protein snack after the race ends and while you are cooling down. After about an hour or two don’t forget to eat a high-protein meal like a diet that includes fish, nuts, chicken or beef.

Compression socks is better

Yes, try to wear compression socks and other wear to help reduce muscle soreness, swelling and fatigue following intense biking. In fact experts highly recommend using compression socks as it can accelerate recirculation blood process and improve blood oxygen levels too. You will recover faster.

Get a massage

Massaging will push out the fluids which are equipped with waste products during muscle breakdown. Leg massage will allow fresh blood to flow in easily and recover faster. Even a contrast shower like alternating hot and cold water can help in fast recovery. It warms and cool down simultaneously so a pumping-type mechanism is created.

Take enough rest

Yes, this is highly important to reset your body. Take enough rest and you will notice the recovery process is faster. Your overall body will be healed easily. With good sleep the muscle-building hormones increases and this is important in repairing of the muscles. It is recommended to get at least seven hours of sleep as well as a 30-minute nap during the day time.

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