> How a LMS can strengthen your customer relationships

How a Learning Management System (LMS) can strengthen your customer relationships


How a Learning Management System can strengthen your customer relationships

Companies are rapidly implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS), be it large MNCs or startups. LMS software’s empower organisations to provide useful and low-cost training programs to develop the skills of their employees.

Businesses think of an LMS as a skill-enhancing tool for their employees. They overlook the fact that an LMS can also improve their customer relationships by giving delightful customer experience. If similar is the case with you and your organisation, top 20 LMS list based on customer experience might be helpful.

Below are 7 ways in which an LMS can strengthen your customer relationships.

  1. Smoother onboarding – First impression is the last impression. Giving your customers a great onboarding experience is your first step towards a long-term partnership. A great initial experience can result in repeated sales and recommendations from your customers. You can offer an onboarding program with hands-on product demo to fully understand your product. LMS programs that include different aspects and use-cases of your product will give a clear introduction to the capabilities of your product.
  2. Train your customers regularly – You should not stop training your customer after onboarding. An LMS is a great tool to educate your customers throughout their journey. For example, you have a new released a new version of your product. You can train your customers about the changes and fresh features, and they will add value to their business. Another example can be educating your customers about the advanced features of your product once they are familiar with the basic features.
  3. Integrate with your CRM – Product upgrade is a challenging task in itself and conveying this information to every customer doesn’t go as planned most of the times. Integration of your LMS with your CRM makes sure that every customer is notified of the new upgrade, making sure that no one is left behind. You can also include training videos about the latest update so that your customers are familiar with the changes and do not run into trouble.
  4. Get real-time feedback using LMS – One of the most significant advantages of using an LMS is that it is highly customisable. You can design a series of quizzes and feedback sessions as a part of the training program and collect real-time feedback from your customers. You can receive feedback about the ease of use, a particular feature, user experience, overall satisfaction, etc., and make changes for the future accordingly. Real-time feedback is essential to fix the issues, instead of getting it when the customer decides to leave.
  5. Answer the questions before they arise – An LMS can benefit throughout the entire customer experience. A fully-equipped LMS with thorough training sessions can answer the customers’ questions even before they arise. Another benefit is that it will reduce the number of calls and emails for product assistance.
  6. Centralise the collected feedback – Keep the collected feedback at a central location for different departments to look at. The collected feedback will serve as a database to understand and analyse the learning curve of your customers. The feedback will also tell you about the future needs of your customers so that you can create new functionalities around it.
  7. Use gamification to get your customers complete their training – Training programs can be tedious and boring at times. Gamification adds a fun element to your training programs and motivates your customers to complete their training sessions. You can also reward the learners upon successful completion of the course to give a sense of achievement.

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An LMS is a multi-problem solver. There are some visible benefits of using an LMS for your in-house team. Benefits of using an LMS for external enterprise are often indirect and overlooked. An LMS is a key that simplifies the complicated task of Customer Relationship Management.


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