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Is Your Website Dated? Here Are Some Tips to Update It!

Is Your Website Dated

Keep your website fresh and enhance your digital presence by thinking outside of the box. Often, people will get overwhelmed thinking the only way that they can take on a new approach is to do a complete redesign. However, as you’re about to find out for yourself, this isn’t the case. If you make updates to your site and stay ahead of your competition, your website will never be dated!

Why It’s Important to Stand Out Online

When people are looking for a product, service, or solution, they tend to turn towards the internet for help. Not only will people look for reviews online but for a well-crafted website that gives them the information they need along with testimonials, images, and videos that demonstrate, showcase or give insight into your company.

Running a business today is about sharing your culture, corporate personality, and the traits of the employees who work for it day in and day out. Stand out from the competition with an updated website that gains you business, ensures repeat customers and builds your brand.

How to Stand Out

Updating your website is a great way to stand out from your competition. Here are some ways you can update your site and get your business noticed:


Is Your Website Dated Here Are Some Tips to Update It

Visual content is the first thing people will notice when visiting your website. When someone visits your site, they like to see fresh content. The more often you update the content on your site, the more often visitors will come back to your site. Also, search engines like to see updated content and this can help put your site up higher in the rankings when someone searches for something related to your site.

It is vital that you check the quality of the images on your website. Make sure you are choosing the best ones to convey the message of your brand, company, products or services

If possible, choose images that were professionally taken of your business, the product you are selling the services you offer to customers. Stay away from using stock photos. You want to use images that evoke trust in your company and aid in showing more realism to your company.

If your website doesn’t have any videos, it is important to incorporate more onto your site. Videos are a great way to showcase a product you offer; show the work you do or give visitors to your site some insight into what your company stands for. You can invest in hiring a professional company to help you make a video for your site. Crafted NY video production company can show you the power that video has on maintaining a digital presence in today’s modern world.

Besides the visual content on your site, you should also keep the text on your site up to date. Look to see if there are broken links, missing information or information that is incorrect.

Make sure you regularly update pricing, company information, address, phone numbers and any other information that is important to your company.

Social Media

Being on social media is a great way to update your site. It seems like everyone is on social media these days. Through social media, people can learn about new companies, products and read in real-time about a business. People tend to rely on social media for suggestions so you must include links to any social media pages you have on your website. Make sure any visitor to your site can click a link to all of your social media pages by having the icons on the main page of your website. This is a great way to increase traffic and gain followers and fans on your social media accounts.

Make sure you update all of your social media regularly. A great way to do this is to use Hootsuite or other platforms where you can schedule future posts. Social media is also a great way to interact with current or future customers. This can be done by responding to comments or messages, retweeting, and sharing customers posts about your company.


Adding newly update testimonials is important to your company. Current customers are a huge asset to your company and having them write a review can help bring in more business. Showcasing positive feedback about your company on your site is the best way for potential customers to know what they can experience by using your product or service. Let others know that you are doing great work and provide high-quality service to all of your customers.

Testimonials provide visitors to your site with real-world experiences. Reach out to your best customers and ask them to write a testimonial that you can put on your site. To make things easier you can have a form for them to fill out. Then you can put together the testimonial and then have them approve it before you post it on your site.

A Final Thought

 If your website seems date than it is time to update it. By following these suggestions to help you stand out from your competition you are sure to gain more business and get noticed.

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