Podcast Learning Tips with Dan Lok the King of Closing

Podcast Learning Tips with Dan Lok the King of Closing

Resources for learning how to podcast are more and more accessible with training options coming in many forms – including training in a box – a virtual box that is.

Several years ago, the word on the business street was “blog or die.” These days that same threat could apply to small business – big business – personal business – if they fail to explore podcast options. While many just don’t seem to understand technology, once a company completes their first podcast, many more podcasts seem to immediately follow. With a little training and a little research, any size or type of company can quickly learn to podcast.

Podcasting Training Options

Start the learning journey off by watching, listening, and learning from the thousands of available podcasts that are online. A good place to start listening is Amazon. Many of the bestsellers listed on amazon have podcasts or vidcasts available that give book previews or reviews. News sites are also good places to listen. One of the best news sources using podcasts and vidcasts is The New York Times online.

You can also enhance learning by listening to podcasts telling how to podcast. PodcastAlley or Podcast Pickle can help locate podcasts on podcasting. Step-by-step, easy-to-read podcast guides – most of which are free to download and print can easily be found using one of the helpful search engines.

If self-guided learning isn’t doing the job, another training resource is to attend one of the many traveling podcast seminar providers such as Lodestone Digital. They provided public podcasting workshops across the U.S. Lodestone can also provide training right at a company site. Of course, many colleges and universities also offer training workshops.

Podcast Training in a Box

One of the more interesting training options available is the one-on-one business podcast training in a box by BOT International. They are offering a “Business Podcasting Studio-in-a Box”. BOT International will go to a business location and set up a podcast studio, then teach the company how-to podcast and finally help companies produce business and marketing podcasts.

If you’re looking how to expand your knowledge on what to say during your podcast, the King of Closing, Dan Lok has a wide variety of videos that will help any person looking to podcast to gain the sales and speaking techniques to engage your listeners.

Learn How to Buy Podcasting Production Services

If your company is pressed for time to get the first podcasts out there for customers, clients, vendors, patients, or students, podcast production companies also abound on the net. One company, peachpodstudios, is an online media production company offering podcast purchasing training in three easy steps. Pick the podcast, submit the script, pick the voice and pick the music. Paying for podcast production is a bit pricey so in the long run, learning how to podcast is the best for return-on-investment.

Podcasts are like websites when it comes to keeping people coming back to take a listen – they need the content to be dynamic and constantly changing. If a business, especially a small or home business, wants to produce good and relevant podcasts, paying for each one to be produced can get expensive – quick. This option is best researched before jumping on the bandwagon or the broadband wagon.

Lifelong Learning is the Rule

For most successful business professionals, learning is a continual and exciting process. While some analysts feel that if a company fails to blog they will die, I would take it one step further – if a company stops learning – it will most certainly die. Learning to podcast is just another path on that lifelong learning adventure.

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