Chris Brown Detained by Immigration Officials in the Philippines

Chris Brown is stuck in Philippines because he failed to appear at a concert on New Year’s Eve last year. The problem is that Chris Brown still takes home the $1 million dollar fee paid to him. The immigration officials had detained him and put him in jail until he pays them back the money. They had filed a fraud complaint with the Department of Justice in Philippine.

Chris Brown Detained by Immigration Officials in the Philippines
Chris Brown Detained by Immigration Officials in the Philippines

Chris Brown has been stuck in Manila since 22nd July. He performed in front of a large crowd at a stadium in Manila on Tuesday. Desperate to get out, he used Instagram to beg President Obama to help him. He posted a video directed to President Obama on Instagram and Twitter. In the video, Chris is seen kneeling down with his hand putting together, pleading President Obama to get him out safely back to the USA. In the video, Brown is heard begging the immigration officials to let them leave but it was taken down later. The video ended with Brown making a signature back flip in his hotel room.

Chris Brown’ post was re-tweeted thousands of time after a few minutes of uploading the video. There are over 14 millions followers on his Twitter profile. He has 12 million followers on his Instagram. Brown posted a break dance on Thursday which shows that he doesn’t care much about his situation. He spoke in a more serious tone later when he realized the incident can have heavy impact on his world tour.

Chris Brown claimed that he lost his passport so he was not able to be present at the concert in Manila on 31 December last year. The concert was sponsored by a politically connected Christian group called Iglesia ni Cristo. The group is a minority in Philippines. About 80% of the residents in Philippines are Catholics. The concert was to be held at a 55,000 seats indoor stadium situated on the city outskirts. According to the immigration bureau, Brown did not apply a document. He was detained until he is able to show he don’t have any legal obligation.

In a previous statement, Chris’ representatives claimed that it was a misunderstanding. They also claimed that Chris’ plane has already taken off to Hong Kong. Apparently, Chris’ plan was stopped by the immigration officials when it was on the runway.

When asked by a news agency, the US embassy representative, Kurt Hoyer, states that they will help citizens who are in need. Brown is scheduled for a concert in Israel and Beirut. He also has many concerts in the USA in August. The justice department in Philippine had wanted to appoint a prosecutor to bring charges against Chris Brown. Up to date, no one has filed any charges against Chris.

Chris Brown Cleared to Leave the Philippines after 3 Days Delay

On Friday, Chris Brown managed to secure the emigration clearance certificate (ECC) recently. The ECC states that he has no more obligations in Philippine so he can leave the country now. A video was posted to his Twitter page showing Brown walking towards the plane. His next concert is in Macau, Hong Kong.

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