Top 6 Most Common Sports Injuries

Over using your muscles can often result in sports injuries. The areas in your body that do not have enough muscles will be more susceptible of getting strained and injured. The following are the 6 most common sports injuries.

Muscle Strain Sports Injuries

Muscle strain, also known as muscle pull, is one of the most common sports injuries. Muscle strain can happen when you overstretch your muscles when carrying out a strenuous activity. It can happen during routine activities such as heavy weightlifting. If it is severe, it can cause your muscle to tear and damage the blood vessels in your body. To avoid muscle strain, you should do warm up exercises prior to workout. If you get muscle strain when stretching, you should avoid doing stretch exercises.

Top 6 Most Common Sports Injuries
Top 6 Most Common Sports Injuries

Lower back strain will happen to most people from time to time. You can get lower back pain when doing exercises that strain the low back muscles. You are more prone to lower back strain if you have weak muscles in the lower back. There are two types of lower back strains including muscle and lumbar strain. Muscle strain happen when you overstretch the muscle while lumbar sprain happen when you overstretch the ligaments. There will be inflammation surrounding the injured area which leads to back pain.

Hamstring strain is a common sports injury that involves injuring the muscles on the back of the thigh. Hamstring muscle injury usually will heal on its own without the need of undergoing a surgery. It can take a few days to a few months to recover from the hamstring injury. To reduce the chances of hamstring injury, make sure you do stretch exercises regularly. Hamstring strain can happen when you perform sudden movements such as sprinting.

Shoulder injury happens due to overusing the shoulder muscles. Some of the different types of shoulder injuries are tennis, and swimming. If you have shoulder pain, you will experience stiffness and pain in the shoulder. You can strengthen the shoulder muscles to reduce the chances of it getting injured. Doing warm up exercises such as rotating your shoulder before performing a physical activity can help to reduce shoulder injury.

Muscle Sprain Sports Injuries

Ankle sprain affects about 25,000 people around the world every day. Ankle sprain can happen when you accidentally twist the ankle joint in an unnatural motion. Your ankle can also get sprained when the joint is hit by a powerful force. Ankle sprain can cause your ligaments to tear. If you frequently get ankle sprain, you may suffer from joint pain in the long term. If it is very painful, you should go for an X-ray to make sure the ankle is not broken.

Tennis elbow happens when you strain your elbow muscles. You can get tennis elbow when you keep on using your elbow to perform an activity. For example, playing tennis for a long time can cause tennis elbow. Tennis elbow causes pain on the outside of the elbow while golf elbow causes pain on the inside of the elbow. To prevent getting tennis elbow, you should always do forearm warm up exercises such as wrist curls. Most of the time, it is treated with anti inflammatory medications.

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