No color pencils? Best color by number apps for your phone

No color pencils? Best color by number apps for your phone

Everything around us seems to be moving so fast; we rarely have time to consider the beautiful things nature has to offer us. Complaining?  Not at all! In fact, this article is meant to help us to consider how we can blend technology and color to create variety in your favorite pastime.

If you love coloring or you’re considering adding another pastime activity to the list of your recreational hobbies and wish to use your smart or android phone, then read on. Forget the messy paints on your hands. Actually, strip those gloves off your hands and pick your phone and start coloring. You can now enjoy variety and ease in choosing the color shades you want using color by number app on your phone.

Can adults enjoy coloring?

Coloring? No way, that’s for a six-seven-year-old? However, coloring is not a reserve for children; adults too can use it as a way to unwind after a day’s long work. Coloring a beautiful picture is a means of meditation as one gets engrossed in the unfolding blend of color in their piece.

What is color by number?

Color by number goes by several other names such as paint by number, coloring book, and painting by number. It refers to the art drawing game with a ting of technology and modernity.

  • With color by number, one does not need to have a paintbrush, pencil, or paper. This makes coloring a convenient hobby.
  • The app gives the artist various themed categories such as animals, birds, flowers, forests, secret gardens, portraits, art and design, and many more.

Benefits of adult coloring and color by number apps

  • Adult coloring apps have hundreds of high-quality HD images and pictures for one to color or paint and even draw on. You can choose to color or de-color them and share them with your friends, family, and social media.
  • One can do it with a group of friends, alone or even with your children or spouse. When one incorporates other people to paint an image or create a new piece, it is very fulfilling because it’s a moment to appreciate other significant relationships in your life.
  • Coloring feeds the creativity and originality prowess in an individual. We always seem to appreciate other people’s works of art and seem to disregard ourselves for a while. When you’re engrossed in creating a new piece or enhancing what is already done, you give the creativity in you a chance to sprout.

Creative art is fulfilling and boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence. Color by the number on your phone enables one to continue                      coloring on the go. You can do it so long as you can access your mobile device.

  • One can spend as little time or as much time on their masterpiece. Coloring is mostly subjective and cannot be judged as right or wrong. You can spend a few hours creating a great masterpiece or spend days on end and make an eye-catching, intricate piece of art. And because there are no constraints of time, coloring becomes a generative pastime for any artist.
  • There are no rules in coloring. Coloring is an expression; it’s a means to communicate your feelings and emotions. Coloring helps the artist to be in touch with the inner self.

As such, you can color along the lines, outside the lines, in a single shade of color or a dozen of color tones. No one can prevent you                    from starting a new masterpiece because the former one is incomplete.

  • Coloring can help a person to find an artistic ability they were not aware they possess. Curiosity is never satisfied. As one delves in coloring, they may realize they have a talent they always thought dwells in others apart from themselves.
  • Coloring is a calming, reassuring activity. Coloring is a means to divert your thoughts from your daily concerns. It can be an effective way of mastering stress and other psychological issues one may be going through.
  • Coloring can enhance your performance at work and other day-to-day activities. As you appreciate the power of colors, nature, and creativity, one is energized to work better and be more productive.

How to use color by number app

To successfully save and share color by number art pieces, you have to allow permission to color by number to access media, photos, and files on your smart device. The consent includes reading and writing the details of your storage.

Enjoy your coloring experience, save, share from the comfort of your smart device!

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