5 Useful Apps to Download This Year

Apps are everywhere. On average, people spend about 53 minutes each day on Instagram. And while it may be one of the most popular apps available, it is really not doing much when it comes to stress, time or task management, is it? Don’t waste your time on apps that don’t help you — maximize your time with the ones below.

Todoist 5 Useful Apps to Download This Year


Task management has never been easier. With the Todoist app, users can keep track of everything in one place. Yes, everything. The app can give you a clear picture of a variety of tasks and commitments ranging from the family budget to meetings and briefs at work. Todoist can help you map out both goals and projects with step-by-step project sections and sub-tasks. And with Todoist, you can even monitor your tangible progress over time with the Karma Trend feature. More than 10 million people and some of the top companies across the globe are already using the Todoist app to take control of their to-do lists. What are you waiting for?

Wink 5 Useful Apps to Download This Year


Smart home technology has allowed us to be more connected to our homes than ever before. But controlling each piece of smart home technology individually can be overwhelming and downright stressful. Take the stress out of smart home tech with an app like Wink. The Wink app integrates with other all-in-one apps and is compatible with all of your favorite smart home brands. This means everything, from the lights in your home to your security system outside, can be managed seamlessly. Now that’s smart.

Sygic 5 Useful Apps to Download This Year


Traveling shouldn’t be stressful, no matter if you are traveling for business or on a vacation. With a travel planner and itinerary management app like Sygic, it doesn’t have to be. The Sygic app features the world’s first online maps specifically designed for travelers. These maps pinpoint the best hotels, attractions, restaurants, shops and more, clearly made for travelers so you can spend less time searching reviews and more time exploring when you are traveling.


At some point we have all heard about the benefits about meditation. Studies show that meditation has been shown to reduce both daily and perceived stress. With Headspace, meditation is made simple. The app is designed to help users meditate and live mindfully. There are hundreds of themed sessions to explore, ranging from sleep and stress to anxiety and focus. Headspace even offers what they call “bitesize” guided meditations for those of us with more than busy schedules.

Hello Sign 5 Useful Apps to Download This Year

Hello Sign

If you need to sign a document, or dozens of documents, don’t reach for your favorite pen. Instead, opt for Hello Sign. This mobile app, which is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, gives users the ability to scan documents with the camera in their smartphone and import it to be signed electronically. Hello Sign lets you sign documents from anywhere, so there is no more wasted time looking for a copy store. Plus, it lets you edit documents and PDFs so that they are ready to send, whether you need to add a checkbox or an addendum to a contract.

From time and stress management tools to apps that keep you connected to your home, these are the top apps to help you breathe easier in the new year.

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