5 Clever Tips to Select the Best Term Insurance In India

5 Clever Tips to Select the Best Term Insurance In India

Purchasing the best term insurance in Indiawith the right guidance becomes a straightforward task. However, first you must do is to understand the importance of life insurance and which plans suit your requirements. Different life insurance policies offer different benefits that may or may not be suitable for your financial situation.

But luckily for you, the insurance providers now offer you the option to customize your cover with add-on benefits, choose the policy term, compare policies online, and buy the term insurance plan online at your convenience. But what is term insurance, and how do you get one? Let’s talk about it in detail.

What is a Term Plan?

A term insurance plan is a type of life insurance that is provided by insurance providers to offer you extensive coverage at a small premium amount. This allows you to provide adequate security to your family members in a future where you are not around anymore to provide for them. This is especially important when you are the sole earning member of your family.

Now that you know what term insurance plan means, it is essentialto understand how to buy one so that it provides your family with the financial cover that you intend to give to them. Here what you must keep in mind while choosing a term insurance plan:

Term Insurance In India 5 Clever Tips to Select the Best Term Insurance In India

1. Assess your insurance needs

If you want to buy the best term insurance in India, then you need to assess your contribution to the family income and take your dependents into account. Do you have any other sources of income apart from what you bring home? How will your family pay for the ongoing loans if something happens to you? Answering these questions will help you decide the coverage you are going to need to adequately your family’s financial future.

Ideally, you must also take your future goals, lifestyle habits, and debts and liabilities to come up with a suitable sum assured. According to financial experts, you should aim for at least 20x your annual income to cover all the liabilities as well as inflation. The assessment exercise would ensure that the life insurance cover you buy will provide your family with financial protection after your demise.

2. Compare Insurance Policies

The two types of life insurance plans are – term insurance plan and savings-cum-protection plan. Term insurance provides you with the safety net that your dependents will receive help and avoid financial distress, should something happen to you. It is a popular life insurance product because the best term insurance in India gives you a large cover for small premiums. This amount is paid to your family if your demise occurs within the policy term.

In contrast, the savings-cum-protection plan also gives you maturity benefit if you outlive the policy term. Term insurance is financial protection for your dependents but does not give you any personal benefit. Therefore, you must make your choice depending upon your immediate and future needs when choosing a term insurance plan.

Choose an Affordable Cover 5 Clever Tips to Select the Best Term Insurance In India

3. Choose an Affordable Cover

After assessing your life insurance needs, you need to determine how much it will cost you in terms of premiums. Before you commit yourself to a long-term financial product such as life insurance, you need to check if the premium payable suits your financial requirements and you can afford to pay them throughout the policy term.

If you need a more substantialsum assured, then you must opt for a term insurance plan that offers high coverage for lower premiums. However, if you think can afford to pay higher premiums, then you can look at other policies that also offer survival benefit.

4. Understand the Fine Print

The best term insurance in India is the one that meets all your needs without putting pressure on you financially. If you want to strike the right balance between what you are paying and what is being offered, you need to understand the fine print, with its inclusions and exclusions. This information will help you buy the right insurance policy and ensure that your dependents receive the death benefit without any rude shocks when the moment arrives.

5. Review the Claim Settlement History of the Insurance Company

When you buy an insurance policy, it is necessary to check the company’s claim settlement history. After all, you would want the provider to honour the claim when the time comes. A claim settlement ratio is anindicator that tells you how diligent an insurer is in paying their claims and what is the settlement rate. IRDAI or Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India also releases a list of insurers with the claim settlement ratio to help insurance buyers to make an informed decision. Always aim for a service provider whose settlement history is in the 90s.

Moreover, the best term insurance in India in India is the one that has a hassle-free settlement process. Therefore, make sure the insurer has a transparent claim settlement procedure that involves a dedicated officer and quick processing.

When you want to buy a term insurance plan, you must always compare the policies online before investing. Online term insurance plans from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance allow you to review and compare policies before making the final decision. So make sure you choose the one that offers you the most benefits at affordable premiums.

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