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How to Reduce Your Gaming Expenses

How to Reduce Your Gaming Expenses

Gambling in a controlled manner can be fun, and there’s a small chance that it can also make you a millionaire at some point. However, pursuing that small chance can essentially ruin your financial status, because gambling addictions are very easy to develop, as well as being quite common. So, how is someone supposed to keep a strong hold on their regular gambling expenses, short of quitting it completely? It’s actually not that hard once you get a system into place, which we will discuss next.

Setting Hard Limits

Almost all major casino sites and phone casino applications will let their players set a hard daily, weekly and monthly limit. What it does is that it enables the players to keep track of how much they are spending and where, so that they don’t go overboard and end up bankrupting themselves. Once the player hits the limit, the casino will alert the player of the same.

Aside from monetary limits, hard limits can also be set on the regular time spent in a single day or session. It prevents players from losing track of time, which is a common problem experienced by those who are either already addicted or about to be addicted to gambling.

At the end of the day, it is of course up to the player, and if they are completely out of control about their gambling expenses, the limits may need to be set and monitored by someone else.

Give Control of Your Money to Someone Else

Best ways to Reduce Your Gaming Expenses

This is tricky, because that person has to be honest, trusted, close and not addicted to anything himself/herself. If you have a serious gambling problem and you can’t seem to be able to control it all on your own, it might be time to give your partner, or a very close friend/relative, control over your money.

The objective of involving the person would be to keep tabs on how much you spend on gambling online and prevent you from crossing the threshold set by you or someone else you trust. It works best if the person in question is someone whom you really respect or love, as that makes you more likely to listen to them.

Make Deposits via Phone Bills

Try out a phone casino like MobileWins and it could really bring down your monthly gambling expenses. The phone casino lets you add all your casino deposits to your monthly phone bills, instead of asking for your credit or debit card details.

Not only is it safer and more convenient to not have to share financial details with a third-party service online, but you can actually make sure that your total gambling expenses never exceed the maximum credit allowed by your carrier. Call up your carrier and set the limit accordingly to get control over the maximum bill as well. It’s like a hard limit, but one you can’t cross!

Set Rules for Quitting a Session

You will be happy to know that even people who try out gambling on a far more regular basis and spend a lot more money than the average joe, usually have a number of rules to control their expenses, and actually increase their chances of winning. While these may differ depending on the game itself, and of course the person, the following are a few standard rules of controlling gambling habits that everyone should follow religiously:

  • If you are losing too much, accept that it’s a bad day and quit the session before it gets worse, which it likely will
  • When you are losing far too often on the current slot game, quit and try a different slot
  • Quit if you feel like you are not on the top of your game on the day
  • Respect the limits you set for yourself and quit before you cross them

Play the Free Trial at Times

As most slots or even card games in online casinos have simulation experiences where you win nothing, but lose nothing either, it is advised that you try them for a few minutes every now and then. What it does is that it helps the player break a session of losses, and they might be able to figure out a few things about what they are doing wrong, while trying out the free version.

Additionally, our brains are often attracted to the action of playing itself, rather than betting. By spending a few minutes without betting anything, you might be able to cut down on your overall gambling expenses quite a bit by the end of the month.

If everything else fails, it really is time to consider taking time off from your gambling habits for a few months, or even a year. Breaks work towards bringing about realisation regarding the problem, which then gets the gambler back in control of his/her expenses.

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