Speed Your Level Up in Shadowlands

Speed Your Level Up in Shadowlands

Shadowlands is not a place for enjoying tourists’ attractions, loitering, or trying to master your skills from nothing. Dark realms full of dead welcome you with new zones, dungeons, and deathly raids. There is the new level cap which is 60, not 120, and thousands of players dreaming to level up removing you from their way. To level up, you can go for Heroic Nathria Carry with 10 hard bosses to kill or try multiple approaches at once.

The Fastest Leveling Classes

If you want to climb right onto the top of this ladder, you have to be smart. If you don’t care which class you are in, you can use this situation to level up with the class’ abilities:

  • Increased durability. Try to master your tank sills. Tanks are perfect for leveling mainly because of their durability. You will not find a better amount of defensive abilities than this class offers. Don’t forget to take tanks when you come to Dungeons. Your best choice is Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin, Monk, and Druid.
  • Best friends. Do you like pets? Some classes allow them. They are not only companions; they are your tanks. The most popular choices: Warlock, Mage, Death Knight, and Hunter.
  • You can easily move from one quest to another if you have a high mobility level. The same goes for mobs. Some classes are better at this than others. You can choose Rogue, Demon Hunter, Monk, or Druid.
  • You can’t possibly explore Dungeons without healing skills. Healers may not be the best for solo missions, but they work great in the group. If you have one, why not become their healer? Try Shaman, Druid, Priest, Monk, or even Paladin.
  • You will need to sneak a lot around Shadowlands. The permanent Stealth is available for Rogue and Druid. The limited amount to the skill has Mage and Hunter.
  • You will have to travel a lot if you want to level up. Don’t waste your time. Use Mage to travel in multiple realms. They use teleports with ease. Another great option is a Dark Iron Mage.
  • It looks like your best option is Druid. Pick herbs and improve your Tauren Druid. Mining is the perfect option for Highmountain Tauren.

Leveling Squish

This is the perfect way to level yourself in Shadowlands. The first ten levels all happen in Exile’s Reach zone. After that, veterans can use leveling with the expansion content. There is no artisan riding in the game, but you can improve your flying and riding skills after every 10 levels. You can unlock the flying slowest form on the 30th level and change it for the faster on the 40th.

Do Your Best

To level up, you have to choose the most suitable class, learn new skills, and tricks. However, it means you have to stay completely focused on the game. So, can you ignore your friends to level up? How fast are you in leveling?

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