Things To Consider Before Developing A Mobile Game

Mobile gaming is going to become big in the online entertainment segment as phone screens have become bigger in size and displays are now more detailed. Gaming market would be experiencing explosive growth.

It is projected the gaming industry to grow more than $25 billion in annual revenue by 2020 and a good part of it would come from smartphones.

Experts say the growth in mobile users have gone high across the world and a data revealed in 2011 there were about 80 million mobile gamers in the United Nations.

Research firm Statista released a report revealing the number has ballooned to more than 180 million in 2016.

However, even though the statistics reveal the gaming market is to boom but the question arises what will bring success to companies. It is yet to be known which type of game would become a hit on mobile devices.

Over the years the app stores have changed significantly and they have become more competitive. For publishers it is highly important to come up with good gaming metrics so that users acquire the title.

Lately number of developers has increased who are venturing into mobile gaming. A report reveals 62 percent of smartphone users are installing games within a week of buying a new phone.

It is important in the mobile gaming era that developers should recognize their end users and not to make games from a broad audience. Getting more engagement of gamers is required and this happens only when interest of players is focused while developing a game. So identifying key demographics is much required before kicking off the project.

Experts believe it is better to create targeted experiences and connect with target consumer groups as the ultimate goal is to lure potential gamers to download the game from app stores.

It is required to focus on niche gaming spaces and know where to fit into it.

More to all these, it is true apps have bugs and the developers should recognize those to the earliest and fix those fast.

Making a mistake and fixing it fast is far better than never making a mistake.

Gaming companies are suggested to first consider their capabilities and learn whether those meet the needs of users. If not, try to find the perfect partners that can execute the idea perfectly.

It is also suggested the companies should focus more on coming up with sequels rather than making a brand new title.

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