Which MMO Is Right For You

In the realm of video gaming, MMOs are a good addition to the industry, coming into their own in 1996 starting with Meridian 59. Since then the popularity of such genre has sky-rocketed and thanks to several highly popular titles including EverQuest and World of Warcraft.

Regrettably, it has become increasingly difficult to pick which game fits a particular play style, as there are now hundreds of games out there to choose from with varying degrees of quality, stability, and longevity. This mini-guide attempts to address this little problem, listing quality and enjoyable titles many gamers spend hours upon hours playing.

Popular MMOs – The Current Cream of the Crop

If questing, slaying monsters, and collaborating with tons of other players are enjoyable activities, these are superb.

World of Warcraft

The current king of MMOs. With millions of players, streamlined gameplay, PvP, excellent instance PvE and outdoor raid content, WoW is a definite pick for those breaking into the genre. The game is easy to learn, but tough to master, and it’s one of the reasons why the game is so popular.

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online

Set in Tolkien’s imaginative Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings Online is another superb fantasy-based MMO similar to that of World of Warcraft. This game’s main focal point however is its PvE content, while PvP is more of something players do on the side. Regrettably, LOTRO doesn’t offer its players the chance to play as the evil races.

Everquest 2

Everquest 2

Sequel to the award-winning, genre-transforming classic, Everquest 2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor. With stellar graphics, tons of classes and races to choose from, player housing, and loads of content with over 6000 quests, this is a good pick for any fantasy MMO junkie. The game’s trial is a tad limited though, as new players can only traverse the newbie island, but one can simply purchase EQ2’s latest expansion and all the game’s content is available, including areas, monsters, and quests added in previous installments.

Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online

Featuring a unique turn-based battle system, Atlantica Online is a quality free-to-play MMO from NDOORS. Unlike most cash shop MMOs, the items that require real-life funds aren’t at all necessary to enjoy the game, and you really won’t feel disadvantaged for not buying them either. Because of the game’s combat mechanics, players choose one main class such as a Rifleman, Cannoneer or Warrior, and then hire an army of mercenaries to aid them in battle. The game is unique, a lot of fun, and a good choice for those who enjoy playing solo.

EVE Online

In this bustling space-based MMO, players can engage in galactic warfare, trade, piracy, and collaborate with tens of thousands of other players all at one time, as EVE is the only MMO on the market able to house all of its players on one server. With the game’s rather unique skill system, skills can be trained offline and there’s no ‘level cap’ whatsoever. Regrettably, EVE has a very steep learning curve and its futuristic atmosphere scares off the fantasy lovers, but it’s definitely a recommendation for those interested in a challenge.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Based on the ultra-popular tabletop war-game, this MMO is all about the PvP, and even in the newbie areas players fight for territory and prestige. The game’s PvE content is satisfactory, with usual instance and raid content, but Warhammer also features public quests, which further the game’s story and allows players to collaborate for better rewards. Castle sieges play a big part in Warhammer’s endgame, and players can lay siege to their enemy’s capital city. For those who fancy their MMOs with a taste of all-out warfare, Warhammer Online is definitely recommended.

Choosing the Best MMO

While there are only several MMOs listed in this article, there are many more out there suited for those who enjoy what the current generation of games has to offer.

Raiding, questing, and leveling are all popular mechanics in these games, and it is without doubt there will be many more like them in the future. Stay tuned for more.

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