7 Ways to Share Your Creative Side With Your Friends

7 Ways to Share Your Creative Side With Your Friends

You may have a creative side that you are afraid to share with others. You could want to showcase a new recipe or show your artistry skills to your friends, though you may not know how. For some ideas on how to share this creative side with your friends, continue reading the seven tips that are found below.

1. Make a Recipe

If you are creative in the kitchen, one of the best ways to show your creative side is to cook your friends a meal. If you have a favorite family recipe or one that you made, make it for your next dinner party. If you do not cook traditionally but are creative with making drinks invite your friends over for a coffee hour or cocktail hour. Mix them up to your coffee or cocktail, and ask them to try it! Trying these recipes at home will make you feel much more comfortable than you would at someone else’s home or in public.

2. Do

It could be that your creative side is found behind a camera. If this is the case, ask your friends and family members to model for you in a photoshoot to build your portfolio. You can then give them the results, asking them to share your photography with their friends. This will help them realize how creative you are and will help you to gain more experience as well.

3. Host a Paint Night

If you are a painter or artist, consider offering a paint night for your friends and family members. You can have an example canvas that has already been made and can have your friends follow along with your instructions. This will help your friends to see how talented you truly are when there is a paintbrush in your hands, making them want to see even more of your work.

4. Go to Comic-Con

You may have a more unique talent such as developing comic-con costumes and dressing up in your creations. Offer to attend one of these events with your friends so that they can experience your costume-making firsthand and enjoy being in your presence while you are in your costume. They will also then see how confident you are in these outfits that you designed and created, which will make them proud of you as a friend or loved one.

5. Offer a Makeover

Your creative side may come in the form of makeup artistry or hair artistry. If this is the case, ask your friends if you can use their face as a portfolio on which you can practice makeup. If you have a braver friend, you can even offer to cut or color your hair so that you can practice your skillset on their head. This will allow you to show your work firsthand to others as your friends are asked where they got their makeup or hair done.

6. Use Social Media

Another great way to share your creative side with your friends is to start by sharing your art or your work on social media. Your friends will then come across the pages, and you can even invite them to like the pages themselves. Your friends can then share the pages with their friends so that more and more people are able to see your art across the internet.

7. Give Gifts

A final idea to share your creative side with your friends is to give pieces of your creativity as a type of gift. Offer personalized canvases for your friend if you are a drawer or painter, create some type of object or household decoration if you are a crafter or make, or deliver some type of dessert or treat for your friend. This will showcase to your friends exactly how much they mean to you and will allow you to showcase your creative side in a more discreet way.

Final Thoughts

Most people have a creative side, but some individuals are extremely talented when it comes to considering this creative side. These same people may be shy about their creative side, however, and they need ideas on sharing this side with their friends. Consider one of the ideas above if this is you in order to start becoming comfortable with sharing your creative side.

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