Five Spring Types That You’re Using Right Now

Springs are everywhere. From doors to upholstered furnishings to electronics, there are all sorts of springs in your home. Even your vehicle design includes springs. How much do you know about them? Here are some of the most typical springs used in consumer products, ranging from conical springs to garter springs.

Extension Springs

Sometimes referred to as tension springs, extension springs are a kind of helical design that include hooks at each end. Some designs include loops at each end.

These are commonly used in garage doors to help ensure proper balance and ease of opening and closing. There’s a good chance that your washing machine includes these springs as a way to ensure the tub remains stable. If you have a trampoline in the back yard, the design includes a series of larger tension springs. If you have screen doors at the home’s entry points, it’s probably some type of tension spring that helps to keep them closed.

conical spring Five Spring Types That You’re Using Right Now

Conical Springs

Conical springs can be said to be types of extension springs. Both designs are coiled but serve different purposes. With a conical design, the metal spring tapers in diameter from one end to the other. The result is a spring that somewhat resembles a cone.

You’ll find these springs used in any devices that include push buttons in the design. The suspension system for your automobile is likely to include this kind of spring. In some devices that used battery power, you’ll notice them helping to hold the battery in position so it’s touching the contacts.

Torsion Springs

Like conical springs and extension springs, the torsion spring has a body that’s twisted and capable of creating and storing a great deal of mechanical force. Steel springs with this design have protrusions at each end. Those protrusions are often called legs. They can be used to secure the spring in position and aid in creating the torque or mechanical force needed.

If you still like to hang the wash outside on a sunny day, you need something to hold the clothes on the line. You’ll use a common clothes pin. The torsion spring in the pin is what makes it easy to grasp the clothing and temporarily secure it to the line.

Clock and watch designs often include these types of springs. That’s especially true if you opt for timepieces that have to be wound from time to time rather than powered using some sort of battery.

Garter Springs Five Spring Types That You’re Using Right Now

Garter Springs

Garter springs are also coiled devices like many other kinds of steel springs. What’s different is that this type of metal spring is in the form of a spiral or circle. Many of the applications have to with automobiles or heavy machinery. This spring is often found in designs for oil seals, anything that’s belt-driven, and even the seals used for different kinds of shafts. Some electrical connectors also use this type of spring in their designs.

Die Springs

Die springs are considered among the heavy duty designs that are used in machinery, electrical devices, and in many kinds of transportation equipment. They’re coiled like conical springs or extension springs, but designed to withstand high amounts of constant pressure. You’ll find these springs used for clutches in all sorts of vehicles. It’s not unusual to find them in tractors and other heavy equipment used in farming operations.  They are also used in the design of many aircraft engines and other areas of a plane.

These are only a few examples of the steel springs that are around you. Would you like to know more about springs? Are you a manufacturer who needs a certain type of spring for a repair or a new design prototype? There are companies who will design a metal spring to your specifications. Whatever you need could be ready in less time than you thought possible.

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