Gospel for Asia, Changing the Future for Thousands

Gospel for Asia, Changing the Future for Thousands

Gospel for Asia is an incredible Christian missionary charity that for over 30 years has been working with the most impoverished people across Asia giving them the care and skills that they need in order to escape the plight which they are in. There are millions of people in the world living in poverty who didn’t choose this life, they merely lost the geographical lottery and but for amazing organizations such as Gospel for Asia, there would be millions more.

About Gospel for Asia

The charity has been in operation for over 30 years, it was set up by the inspirational KP Yohanann, an Indian man who founded he charity whilst he was working as a pastor in the United States. Dr Yohannan was profoundly affected by the poverty which he witnessed growing up in India and owing to his deeply religious values sought to put an end to poverty primarily in India and later throughout the Asian continent. Currently operating in over 15 countries across Asia, from Myanmar to India, Thailand to Cambodia, the charity has been growing year on year, sending out more missionaries, helping out in more areas and gradually reaching and helping more of Asia’s poorest people.

How it Operates

In its beginnings the charity simply trained missionaries who would then go out to various parts of Asia to offer assistance, the model has changed over the years and the charity now operates through its many ministries that it has set up. These ministries put their focus into individual areas of poverty and the problems caused by it, they focus on areas such as leprosy, slums, empowerment of women, working with children and many more aspects of poverty. In focusing on individual problems that occur through a consequence of poverty, the charity is able to really focus on fixing these problems one at a time.

How it Helps

The key to the organization’s goal is not to give hand outs to those who are less fortunate, to the contrary, it is about giving those ini poverty an opportunity to change their future, to help themselves out of poverty. The way in which Gospel for Asia does this is through education, the charity’s missionaries teach numeracy, literacy and job skills to give those in poverty an opportunity to help themselves. Alongside this education the charity offers free healthcare, it gives meals to children and it teaches about the dangers of addiction, infections such as HIV/AIDS and food and water hygiene. It is primarily through education that the charity looks to alter the future for millions.

The Future

This charity continues to grow annually and they look set to enter into more territories and countries in the coming years. Gospel for Asia has set up bible schools across Asia and looks set to continue this as well as ramping up their efforts in training missionaries, the brave and kind-hearted people who go to the areas of poverty and involve themselves in directly changing people’s lives.

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