How To Get Good Dog House

Dog House

Purchasing a brand new dog house can be quite an adventure, at least these days when the market seems to be downright overflowing with alternatives. You have to bear in mind several factors, though, to make sure both that you are spending your cents on something that’s worth the while and on an item that will keep your furry buddy safe from harm and provide the comfort that he or she needs.

Without further ado, we invite you to have a look at the following tips and tricks.

Get the right size

It goes without saying that the dimension of the product matters most, at least in relation to the size of your own dog. If your budget allows you to, always pick the biggest dog house you can afford. It will ensure that your pet remains comfortable regardless whatever might happen.

A good tip that we can give you is to devote some of your time to do proper research on the topic. This practice should include going through plenty of reviews of dog houses because it’s the only way you’ll be getting your info straight from the horse’s mouth. Other pet owners can tell you what house size fits what breed.

Make sure the product is non-toxic

Make sure the dog house is non-toxic

To make pet houses more appealing, many manufacturers resort to using all sorts of paints and lacquers that might do more harm than good. There’s no way you can know for sure whether toxic substances have been used in the build and design of the unit you are considering.

The least you can do, however, is to read some consumer reports and find out whether the house smelled funny when it was delivered. That could give you some insight.

No parts should be dangerous

The surface of the walls and pretty much all of the other components have to be as smooth as possible so as to avoid harming your precious Fido. Some houses come disassembled, so you will have to practice your DIY skills to put them together as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

If upon opening the box and setting everything up, you notice that some parts might be dangerous in one way or another, we urge you to avoid using the dog house altogether. Instead, touch base with the brand’s customer support to express your concerns and return the item, if you don’t want it anymore.

Indoor vs. outdoor options

How To Get Good Dog House


Outdoor models have to be as rugged as possible because they need to withstand a lot of abuse coming from the elements. They have to be durable, and their walls should be thick enough to provide a safe haven for your dog as best as possible. Here’s a comparison you should check out.

By contrast, indoor alternatives can be made with a variety of materials and fabrics. Usually, they look just like dog beds just that they also have walls and maybe a so-called roof. The fabric has to be decently soft, and the part where your dog will sit should be machine-washable.

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