Steps to Recovery After a Loved One Dies Prematurely

Steps to Recovery After a Loved One Dies Prematurely

Losing a loved one is a horrific experience that people, unfortunately, deal with daily. However, when someone you love dies as a result of carelessness on the part of another person, the pain and anger can take hold of your very existence.

The Incident that Leads to the Untimely Demise

Your day is perfectly normal as you kiss each other goodbye in the morning and head off in different directions to your jobs. Then, you receive the dreadful phone call that your spouse is gone. Whether work-related, or an accident on the way to work, someone else is responsible and you immediately wish you could rewind to the start of the day. Unfortunately, that’s not possible and you are now on your own.

Finding Answers

Your mind is racing and you find it hard to focus on anything. However, you must address the fact that your loved died as the direct result of someone else. While you may not want to deal with it so soon afterward, finding out what happened and filing a lawsuit is in the best interest of you and your family. If you live in New York City, you can contact a New York City wrongful death attorney.

New York City wrongful death attorney Steps to Recovery After a Loved One Dies Prematurely

Why File a Lawsuit?

Your spouse more than likely contributed significantly to the household budget. Now living off a single salary can cause a lot of stress and the loss of a once comfortable lifestyle. While no amount of money can bring your loved one back, you certainly don’t want to struggle on top of grieving. A reputable attorney with many years of experience can help you with medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, loss of your spouse’s wages, as well as compensation for a loss of a spousal pension and retirement fund.

Preparing for the Funeral

It’s hard enough to lose a loved one when they are much older and ill. But, when you lose someone younger and in good health at the hands of another the grief and anger can consume your every thought and prevent you from functioning. While it’s more than most can handle, you must muster up your strength and prepare the funeral arrangements. In this instance, you must think beyond yourself and do it for other family members and friends.

Preparing for the Funeral Steps to Recovery After a Loved One Dies Prematurely

Dealing with the Grief

Your grief will run its course and go through several stages before you finally find some form of comfort. Part of the healing process is resolving the wrongful death and the other is letting go of the one person who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. You may want to take some time to be alone, and that’s ok, initially. However, as time moves forward, interacting with others is much more beneficial to your mental and physical health. And, if you have young children they will need you more than ever before, so staying strong is imperative. If you simply can’t handle life, you may want to consider going to therapy. This will help you release your bottled up anger, resentment, and grief.

Moving On

The thought of going through the rest of your life alone and having to raise children on your own is painful. However, even deep wounds heal and you will recover from the traumatic event and eventually find closure. Do your best to find ways to stay happy and engage in fun activities with your children to give them a lifestyle that’s fulfilling.

No one is ever prepared to lose their spouse at a young age.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work in your favor and events take place that can forever alter your life.

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