Tips to Maximize Profit from Home Recycling

Tips to Maximize Profit from Home Recycling

Recycling materials at home isn’t a new thing. For many years, several initiatives have extolled how homemakers should be at the forefront of segregating wastes to benefit the environment. Separating biodegradables, non-biodegradables, and recyclables into different piles helps households decrease their trash and increase their contribution to helping the environment.

While biodegradables can become organic composts with a bit of effort and non-biodegradables get collected by trash processing entities, recyclables can become a source of additional income. If you need help turning trash into cash, you can check out trusted recycling companies like Langley Recycling for ideas and assistance. They have various services that can help you improve the efficiency and profit of your operations.

If you want to maximize your earnings, here are some profitable recyclable items that you can consider.

Cardboard and paper products

Most households have cardboard and paper products that they can recycle easily. Homemakers can call the recycling facilities and arrange to pick up their recyclable paper pile. Facilities usually accept paper products that aren’t dirty, wet, or otherwise stained with grease, oil, or food waste. Different paper products have varying price points, so you need to ask the facility for their price point beforehand to maximize your profit.

Aluminum cans 

With many families consuming canned beverages, you don’t have to worry about the supply. All you need to do is ensure that the cans are clean and dry before tossing them in the recycling bins. You would have to coordinate with your local recycling facility if they prefer cans crushed or not. Some facilities don’t require crushed aluminum cans because their machines don’t work efficiently.

Plastic and glass bottles

One of the easier recyclable materials to cash in, plastic and glass bottles usually have a deposit return policy that any household can use. Collecting many bottles will ensure that your trip to the facility or the store would be highly profitable. You need to ensure that the bottles are clean and free of liquids.

Ink cartridges 

You don’t have to toss your ink cartridges aside because you can recycle them efficiently. In addition, some stores and facilities usually exchange cash for used cartridges to prevent customers from throwing them in the landfill.

Electronic waste

Broken appliances are a good source of electronic waste products. Since there are several components, there’s a big chance there may be enough recyclable materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, gold, platinum, and silver. You need to coordinate with recycling centers if you have such wastes available. There are also several special collection occasions, such as Earth Day when you can dispose of such e-wastes.

Scrap metal

If you happen to have a junkyard or have piles of scrap metals sourced in the neighborhood, you can stack them according to type and coordinate with your recycling facility to collect and process them. Since scrap metals have different prices depending on the day, you need to determine the trend to maximize your profits.


Recycling materials can be profitable as facilities usually pay people for their waste. Households need to coordinate with the recycling facilities to maximize their profits.

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