History And Function Of Electronic Cigarette

Many people have wondered why more resources were not directed towards a safer, more palatable cigarette. It wasn’t until late 2004 that electronic cigarettes were made available to the public. But with all the advancements in technology since tobacco first started being smoked, it seems odd that an alternative method of smoking has not been produced.

Electronic Cigarette

In 1965 H. A. Gilbert sketched out a prototype, but it never got off the drawing board. About forty years later Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented and started producing the e cigarettes we use today.

An electronic cigarette is a mechanism, powered by batteries, that offers a measured dose of nicotine to be inhaled by its user. E-cigarettes also attempt to emulate the flavor and general sensation of regular cigarettes. Some models are simply long tubes that look nothing like their conventional counterparts while several other styles are made to physically resemble actual cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes employ an ingenious system to deliver the classic smoking experience. A sensor in the e cig detects when the user begins inhaling, and small heating coils within the device (sometimes called the atomizer) automatically start vaporizing a flavored liquid that is ensconced within the mouthpiece of the e cig. The liquid itself comes in replaceable cartridges and generally contains nicotine, though the dose can vary depending on the particular solution.

Regular tobacco use is associated with many health concerns, such as lung and mouth cancer, heart attacks, and emphysema. While the e cig is still a new enough product that health tests are still ongoing, there is so far absolutely no indication that inhaling nicotine vapor has any ill effects on the human body. For this reason, e cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco products while still delivering the same experience. Even better, since electronic cigarettes don t burn tobacco, they don t produce that icky residue in homes and on walls, and they don t leave behind that stale smell on your hands or the gross taste in your mouth.

In addition, electronic cigarettes can be used as a smoking cessation aid. For legal reasons, most e-cig companies don t claim to be such when they market their products. Just the same, e cigarettes provide a way to cut back on or even completely eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal for smokers who are trying to quit. It is also important to note that second hand smoke, believed to be a valid, serious health concern, is eradicated as well. Also, in the long run, e cigarettes are a much cheaper alternative to the outrageous cigarette taxes levied these days.

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