Kundalini awakening in spiritual healing methods

Kundalini awakening is one of the spiritual healing methods. It is a term for a spiritual progress that affects the body, mind, energy and spirit. The concept of kundalini originates in Eastern traditions and Hinduism: the word itself means “coiled up” in Sanskrit, referring to an energy that remains coiled like a snake at the base of the spine until it awakens.

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Kundalini awakening is fairly controversial among new age light workers and Eastern spiritualists. It can be empowering, but it may also be destabilizing on physical and emotional levels, overwhelming, and scary. Some people rise out of their kundalini awakening with a renewed sense of purpose and integrity, while others seem to be debilitated by the experience.

What is Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is an energy or prana associated with empowerment and spiritual maturity, says a spiritual therapist. During its awakening, as per spiritual healing methods, the energy rises from the root chakra up through the other chakras or energy centers of the body, transforming the energy field.

For some people believing in spiritual healing methods, Kundalini begins to rise slowly after years of study and spiritual work; for others, it can occur spontaneously and without any apparent logic. Kundalini awakening is a powerful process that may take weeks or months, and it may or may not awaken fully.

What Does Kundalini Rising Feel Like

Only someone who has experienced it can tell you what Kundalini awakening is like, and it is different for every person. The experience may be overwhelming and surprising.

According to spiritual therapist while someone is in the midst of their kundalini awakening, they may experience feelings of lust, love, fear and a gamut of other emotions. These feelings can be intense and usually feel very different from what the person has experienced prior to their kundalini’s rise.

Help and Support for Waking Kundalini

Some “gurus” and self-proclaimed experts or spiritual therapist suggest that they can help kundalini to rise, or stimulate it to waken, but this is almost never a good idea. Forcing this kind of intense spiritual experience can only be harmful to most people.

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If you are experiencing kundalini awakening, however, certain spiritual principles and guidance of spiritual healing methods may be helpful in working with the process instead of fighting it:

yoga or kundalini yoga
learning about the experience of others who have been through a similar process
reading the words of gurus and spiritual guides
listening to music
energy work or reiki from a skilled practitioner familiar with kundalini energy
energy psychology
chakra clearing or emotional release
chakra visualizations

Energy work such as reiki, chakra clearing, or other hands-on healing approaches can ease the flow of kundalini energy and help to shift some of the emotional and energetic blockages that cause discomfort – but they may also intensify the symptoms and feelings.

This is why, says a spiritual therapist, it is vital to speak with the healer or practitioner beforehand to ensure that he is non-judgmental and comfortable with kundalini energy. Be cautious of healers or spiritual seekers who seem skeptical or speak critically of kundalini awakening – even if they are knowledgeable, a healer’s opinions cannot help but color the work they do. You need to feel comfortable and supported by the practitioner you choose at this time.

Kundalini awakening can be a beautiful and empowering experience, if guided and assisted properly.

Healthy, Balanced Chakras

The seven main chakras have several functions. They store, receive, process and transmit information. Let’s discuss chakra meditation for beginners.

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Increased awareness of the chakra system and its positive and negative impact upon the body and mind help to enhance personal power. Chakras can be likened to a GPS precisely indicating where focus should be on the journey towards perfect balance and health.

The Importance of Chakras

In the chakra meditation for beginners first we need to understand that the chakras are an emotional and spiritual feedback system. By becoming educated in the language of the chakras it’s possible to heal body and mind by understanding the chakra dysfunctions.

As per good spiritual therapist Chakras can be used to open up a new way to view the body, emotions, and spiritual connection. Chakras help to connect to the full spectrum of life. It’s a system of wholeness that addresses expanded realms of consciousness.

Balanced, Clean and Well Functioning Chakras

Healthy chakras are large, open and functioning. There is a continual flow between the energy centres.

People experience a sense of belonging and integration within their social group and their place on the earth. It’s typical to experience a wide range of emotions without suffering hysteria or despondency. Personal power is expressed without subjugating another’s will and one engages in and experiences loving relationships. Ideally one speaks and listens in equal degrees and is able to see patterns in daily life. An open chakra system creates consciousness of one’s spiritual purpose. All of these things are on offer to students studying the chakra system.

Dysfunctions in the Chakras

When people experience difficulties in dealing with life, they suffer consequent energy blocks, diminished power, weakness and imbalances in the chakras. Imbalanced chakras are an indication into ways they can improve their lives. In effect, imbalances lead to growth spurts in both spiritual and physical ways.

An Excessive Chakra – Simple obsessions also create imbalances in the energy system because they enhance the power of one chakra over another.

A Deficient Chakra – Chakras shrink when they are neglected, holding past memories and behavioural patterns which include the inability to forgive or let go.

Chakras and Life Awareness

By learning about chakras, people may feel that they have a road map into their spiritual and emotional landscape. However, it doesn’t mean that diet, lifestyle, genetics, environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses and so forth are not a consideration.

All aspects of health are important to consider. In no way is chakra awareness to replace traditional medical attention.

Clearing Chakras

Clearing chakras is like giving the internal system a wash. It’s about releasing the negatives of the day and bringing in fresh energy and awareness. Life is often full of fear based thoughts, people and situations. It’s a common experience to pick up another’s fears and negativity. Clearing the chakras helps wash away the residue of negative impact upon the chakra system.

Balancing the Chakras

A spiritual therapist writes balancing the chakras means enlarging the chakras so that they are all the same size and have the same energy value. Balance is vital for maximizing health and energy flow through the body.

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