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Prana means life force in Sanskrit. It’s the invisible energy (pranic energy) field that’s part of every living organism. The Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki (second part of the word ‘Reiki’). Founded by Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Energy Healing is a system of energy medicine that uses prana to replenish the aura, (the energy body) and in turn the physical counterpart as well.

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Principles of Pranic Energy Healing

Disease originates in the aura before manifesting in the physical body. (Aura is the invisible energy body that surrounds the physical body.)
Human body is innately self-healing.
Prana accelerates the self-healing process by replenishing the aura.
Energy can be projected from one person to another.
Body is scanned for a specific problem. if there is energy depletion, that part is energized.

Founder of Pranic Energy Healing

Master Choa Kok Sui is the Founder of Pranic Energy Healing. Though a chemical engineer by education, Master Choa now devotes his life to his Pranic Energy Healing work, traveling around the world. Books written by him include, ‘Miracles Through Pranic Healing’, ‘Pranic Psychotherapy’, ‘Advanced Pranic Healing’, ‘Pranic Crystal Healing’, ‘Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office’ and ‘Meditations for Soul Realization’.

Reiki and Pranic Energy Healing


Both heal the energy body or aura which reflects as better physical health.
Negative energy is cleansed in both these systems.
Both systems believe that the body is self-healing.


Symbols, Visualization, Chanting of special words and Touch healing (Level 1 Reiki) are Reiki characteristics, not present in Pranic Energy Healing.
Practitioners of Pranic healing are warned against not transmitting excess energy to the patient, but reiki considers its system self-regulating.
In Reiki, teachers are independent and course material, principles, symbols vary a lot. There are also numerous styles of Reiki. Pranic Energy Healing operates under the system founded by Choa Kok Sui.

Pranic Energy Healing Courses

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Basic Pranic Energy Healing course deals with how to feel energy and clean blocked energy segments. Hand chakras (centers of energy) are activated. This does not require any pre-requisites.
Advanced Pranic Energy Healing course teaches the student concepts such as Color prana to accelerate results. Basic Pranic Energy Healing course should be completed before attending this course.
Pranic Psychotherapy course teaches how to release negative emotional thought patterns, addictions, phobias etc. Advanced bio energy healing course should be completed before attending this course.
Pranic Crystal Healing course deals with the use of crystals to aid the bio energy healing process. Advanced Pranic Healing course should be completed before attending this course.
Psychic Self Defense Course is a set of advanced techniques that involves creation of energy shields against different types of physical or non-physical attacks. Advanced bio energy healing course should be completed before attending this course.

Mind Body Fitness Gifts for Holiday and Birthday

Gifts are most appreciated when personal or unique. Although gift cards are always acceptable, consider a gift card for something specific such as classes or private sessions. Purchase a meaningful book or significant DVD for the recipient. Increase the gift value by sharing it with a loved one.

Class Card for Reiki Yoga or Pilates

Most schools offer a reduced fee multiple class card. Giving someone a class card and even attending class with them may end up literally being a gift with many returns. For a recipient’s first time, consider a 5-class card to avoid undue pressure to commit.

Books on Reiki Yoga, Pilates, and Inner/Outer Fitness

There are many books on these subjects and more are out each year. Some are coffee table quality and others offer an introduction to a new way of thinking and moving.

Chi Walking by Danny and Katherine Dreyer and Tai Chi Walking by Robert Chuckrow are both books that teach mindful walking. Further benefit of the book can come from sharing it with a hitherto semi-active neighbor or relative and sharing the chi walk as well.

BKS Inyengar is always quotable and Light on Reiki Yoga or BKS Iyengar Yoga are lovely books sharing a world of being and movement.

There is a deck of cards of postures and poses, Reiki Yoga Turns Back the Clock, which is easy to use and helps a beginner start without stress. Similarly, The Pilate’s Body Kit, an interactive program may jump start a beginning practitioner continue the practice.

Books such as Machel’s Ashtanga Yoga, Practice and Philosophy may be too wordy for the beginner but treasured by someone who has taken class previously.

On the other hand, Hatha Yoga Illustrated is excellent combining photographs of postures with easy descriptions for the basic practitioner on to the more advanced practitioner.

Clothing for Exercise Fitness

reiki yoga

Most people have some sort of workout gear but a new pair of pants for reiki yoga class or Pilates may be all that is needed to inspire a return to class. Yoga socks are a unique gift. The soles have gripping pads to prevent slip and the toes are often separated. If nothing else, they can be used for slippers or at a home pedicure.

DVDs for Mind Body Fitness Gifts

Some DVDs seem to cry out “gift” as if someone might want one but not purchase it for themself. Among these are Doga videos and books and reiki yoga for the plus sized yogi or DVDs that include or explain use of props.

Most Unique Personal Gifts for Mind and Body Well-being

A gift of a session or series that may change someone’s life is never regretted and forever appreciated.

Consider a Reiki session for a friend who has tried every available diet without success for bio energy healing negative energy with touch.
Feldenkrais private class for a relative who needs to move more and hurt less.
Tai Chi classes can be found in community centers, some YMCAs or reiki yoga/pilates studios.
A class or several with an Alexander Technique teacher may help improve the quality of the sound of a singer’s or actor’s voice or of a musician’s use of an instrument. This gift can help a young (or older) performer for lifetime improvement. Sharing a dinner together after the class makes the gift part of a unique personal memory.

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