> Chakras or energy centers – how they affect health

Chakras or energy centers – how they affect health

According to Eastern medicine, chakra frequencies are energy centers in the human body and play an important role in physical, mental and emotional health. There are seven major chakra frequencies. The chakra system is believed to connect the nerves, hormones and emotions.

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For example, the third chakra (believed to be present around the navel area ) is considered the energy center relating to worry or emotional issues. Even if one is unfamiliar with chakra frequencies, expressions of referring to a “knot in the stomach” or “a gut feeling” are common ways of expressing what is energetically felt in the body.

Which Chakra Frequencies Correspond to Women’s Health and Gynecological Issues?

One’s overall health depends on chakra frequencies working without blockages. Chakra frequencies are believed to be interconnected. However the lower chakras — the first, second and third — play a pivotal role in women’s health.

Dr. Christiane Northrup is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has over 25 years of clinical and medical teaching experience. In her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Dr.Northrup explains the lower three chakras and their role in women’s bodies with a focus on gynecological and reproductive health.

First Chakra Characteristics

The first chakra tone is closest to the earth. It is affected by how safe and secure one feels in the world. It also corresponds to issues of fear, trust, dependence and social belonging. Body areas that correlate to the first chakra are the spine, hip joints, rectum, blood and immune system.

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Deep rooted first chakra tone issues usually originate in childhood because, in the early years, children develop their first impression of whether the world is a safe place to be or not. Feelings of loneliness or being uncared for by others usually define issues in the first chakra. Rectal tumors, cancers, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases are some physical effects of malfunctioning of the first chakra tone.

How does Second Chakra Tone Relate to the Body?

Second chakra tone is concerned with issues of motivation and drive to go after what is wanted. Another aspect of the second chakra tone is with relationships, boundaries, being able to give and receive love, and a balance of being independent and able to receive help from others.

The pelvic and reproductive organs (like the ovaries, uterus, cervix), bladder and appendix correlate with the second chakra. The health of this chakra is affected by whether there is a healthy dose of trust in relationships or if the controlling factors are guilt, power, money, blame. When the second chakra does not function optimally, it’s believed that some issues such as fibroid tumors, endometriosis, diseases of the ovaries, appendicitis, pelvic disorders, urinary problems may occur. The second chakra being the creative center is also concerned with fertility and reproductive issues.

Third Chakra Associations in Woman’s Body

Third Chakra is associated with self-esteem, self-respect, responsibility. Questions that are posed to determine third chakra health are, “Is a person prone to threatening or intimidating others? Is one aggressive or defensive, how does one balance competitiveness, gains and losses?” Gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, small bowels are the physical counterparts that the third chakra controls. Diseases like ulcers, diabetes, adrenal malfunction, irritable bowels are concerned with third chakra malfunction.

According to Dr. Northrup, unresolved emotional conflicts may be the cause of the lower chakras being blocked, which in turn, may eventually result in a physical disease. Even though the chakras have specific organs associated with them, the first three chakras work together to ensure health or exhibit a symptom. Dealing with the emotional causes along with physical symptoms may be a more effective way to deal with diseases.

Discovering the Meaning of Each Chakra

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Chakra mantra expert says there are seven chakras throughout the body. Each chakra channels life energy differently at each point. These seven energy centers also have different meanings attributed to them.

People use the spiritual energy of the chakras and the different vibrations to analyze, improve, and heal what’s going on in their lives. Chakras can help to foster good relationships, develop spiritual life, and they can be used, in conjunction with proper medical care, to heal sickness.

Definitions of the Lower Chakras

The base chakra, where one should start when practicing balancing, is located just below the genital area. This chakra relates to basic survival needs. When balanced, the energy center will allow the person to be grounded in reality and function at an optimal level, adds chakra mantra trainer.

The second chakra, situated on the pelvis, stands for the ability for one to know themselves to the fullest extent: being in tune and in touch with their inner nature. If the person is not in tune with their natural cycles, health disruptions can occur. If this chakra is stable, they will see the environment in a healthy manner.

The third chakra, the solar plexus, refers to personal power and ones ability to express the intellectual side of their personality. This chakra sits just below the diaphragm. If this center is vibrating at a healthy level, knowledge will be gained without too much focus on just the intellect. The first three chakras make up lower region of the body.

Meaning of the Upper Chakras

The heart and throat chakra are located at the heart and at the throat. Their energies relay information about love and healing (the heart) and enhance the ability to communication along with realizing better self expression (the throat.)

The third eye is nestled between the two human eyes and its function is to relay intuitive messages. By opening this chakra, the ability to see things that are not perceivable on a normal plane is awakened.

A person’s crown chakra sits at the top of the head and is the place where divine, universal knowledge is interpreted and received. If the seventh chakra is out of sync, there will be little spiritual awareness. The flip-side could occur as well, with too many spiritual pursuits taking place over other life matters.

When all the chakras are balanced, a person feels centered and in control of his or her life. Meditation is a good relaxation technique used for opening up the energy centers. Meditation, visualization, and the use of crystals are all methods that are used to balance the chakras. These can be used with each other or alone, concludes chakra mantra expert.

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