Gain Valuable Knowledge & Trade CFDs in a Safe Environment

ClickTrades is an expansive regulated broker that wishes to provide the ultimate trading experience to any type of trader, by providing custom tailored solutions.

Anyone can start trading instantly on a top-notch platform that offer access to a vast market with over 2.100 CFD instruments with excellent trading conditions.


Gain Valuable Knowledge & Trade CFDs in a Safe Environment

World-class Assets Available to All Traders

Contracts for Differences (CFDs) are an innovative way of trading stocks which has gained popularity nowadays. They allow investors to speculate whether an underlying asset’s price will increase or decrease, without actually owning the underlying asset.

To offer more versatility and an extensive portfolio, the company’s clients can trade CFDs on the expanding online trading market, on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Shares, Indices, Commodities and Bonds.

When joining ClickTrades, investors have the option of trading these instruments with special conditions:

  1. tight spreads
  2. more than 20 major markets to trade CFDs on Shares
  3. advantageous leverage levels up to 1:200 on Commodities CFDs or 1:300 on Forex CFDs
  4. greater market exposure
  5. engaging premiums for Bonds with up to 1:100 Leverage
  6. no commissions for deposits or withdrawals.

Trade CFDs in a Safe Environment

Through the special trading conditions, ClickTrades promotes variation and aims to extend a customer’s portfolio by providing all the required trading tools for a favorable trading session!

An Advanced Platform with Integrated Analysis Tools

The broker combines unique in-house content with professional research collected from a renowned third-party provider that can be found in the platform as soon as you log into it.

WebTrader packs the latest charting tools along with a smooth design layout and features tight spreads and commission-based pricing. It’s a quickly-responding platform that is very easy to navigate and also has a demo version which could be used by traders to test out their strategies.

When joining ClickTrades, investors gain access to a trading system that’s built upon the latest technology, with the purpose of offering:

  1. Negative Balance Protection – A measure that ensures investors never lose more funds than they initially had within their account.
  2. Accurate Risk Management Tools – Control the risks associated with trading with complex limit orders such as the Stop Loss or the Take Profit.
  3. Trading Central – A reputable technical analysis provider that generated complex indicators for a wide range of CFD instruments.
  4. Intuitive userfriendly interface – Experience a blend between classic trading functionalities and a modern touch of free innovative features.

As the main purpose is offering accessibility to customers, the platform is tailored for perfect functionality on both desktop and mobile devices.

Trading Central – A Renowned Third-Party Data Provider

ClickTrades also provides Trading Central, an industry leading news and research provider.

Integrated into the WebTrader, this tool develops automatic pattern-recognition solutions that will help investors improve their strategies after studying market data and observing the events that affect the global market.

Trading Central exposes key factors that influence an instrument, offering investors relevant information, such as:

  1. In-depth market data that cover all the tradable instruments
  2. Continuous connection to worldwide research
  3. User-friendly alerts and stop signs that train investor’s reactions toward the markets
  4. Verified information from certified sources
  5. Fundamental and technical analysis in various languages

When investors combine all the elements provided through the system’s tools, they will improve market awareness and develop a strategy that fits their mindframe and preferred choices. Information that is updated constantly has an important role in a trader’s financial journey, as he learns to correlate all the variables that impact each asset traded on global markets.

A Versatile Practice Account

The ClickTrades demo account allows a potential investor to test the trading platform, without any initial financial obligations. By creating an account, traders can use virtual funds to experience a risk-free environment which will lead to a better comprehension of the financial markets.

Since the main focus of this broker is accessibility, the platform will work smoothly on any mobile or desktop devices. To simulate the actual trading conditions, everything happens in real time and traders get to practice different strategies and use the charts and analysis tools integrated within!

Ready-to-Use Convenient Account Plans

All the integrated features are accessible to traders as soon as they pick the account plan that fits their preference and trading style. There are 3 account types available on the ClickTrades website:

  • Essential – An account that introduces an investor to the industry, with basic service access.
  • Original – Intermediate account for the traders that grasp the fundamental concepts of trading.
  • Signature – The highest account plan, offering full access to all the ClickTrades services.

However, any trader that wants to pick this CFD broker for trading should know that the minimum deposit to open an account is $250.
Depending on the chosen plan, each account has an extensive offer that comprises:

  1. Access to WebTrader – An all-inclusive platform packed with free features and advanced chartist methodologies.
  2. Customer Support – To provide extensive guidance regardless of a trader’s experience.
  3. Access to the demo account – Offering accessibility to test out strategies and get accustomed to the platform.
  4. Daily market reviews and financial research – Ensuring that investors remain up to date with the latest market events.
  5. Dedicated Account Representative – Skilled support is an important factor when comprehending the trading field.
  6. Other special trading conditions – Many more excellent trading conditions catering to any type of investor.The Active Licensing and Regulation of ClickTrades

As far as oversight is concerned, the website is licensed by FSA, which is the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles. ClickTrades focuses on respecting regulations and creating a powerful trading environment for all investors that wish to improve their knowledge of the financial markets.

The restricted jurisdictions should be taken into consideration when thinking to invest with this CFD broker. No accounts are established for the residents of Japan, Canada and the USA.

Investor browsing through the educational materials

Market News & Custom Featured Articles for Informed Decisions

ClickTrades caters to any type of traders, educating the ones that are new to the financial industry and guiding the ones that already have some knowledge towards a better management of their resources.

In addition to the company’s excellent trading platform and custom services, the CFD broker also has a section of Market News, which contain relevant information for the trading field.

By being informed, investors can proceed to develop complex strategies that rely on actual market events, thus creating strong techniques and reactions that will lead to improved trading sessions.

type of traders

 Why Should Traders Choose to Invest with ClickTrades?
Through the ample market openings and instant execution speeds, traders have multiple possibilities when trading CFDs with ClickTrades.
The tight spreads on an advanced platform with integrated tools make this CFD broker stand out in the industry.

Staying in touch with the global financial events is important for a successful trading session. By observing the latest news, traders can keep up with the most recent events affecting the markets and further develop their strategies, which is where the Market News come in handy.

Through a clear overview of trading concepts, investors will be able to manage their resources and risk factors alone, in hopes of broadening their knowledge and taking their strategies to a professional level.

To offer even more attention to customer’s needs, ClickTrades has created a rewarding bonus policy that works for old & new clients alike. Each promotional campaign will have its own terms and conditions that must be accepted before taking part in the program.

These campaigns will vary, as they are designed to meet the expectations of more types of customers and aim to deliver an innovative rewarding twist to the lives and trading sessions of investors.

Looking for an all-inclusive CFD broker? Stop searching. Start trading with ClickTrades today and take advantage of all the benefits!

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