Spiritual response therapy, spiritual psychic healing

Spiritual response therapy – Although psychic healers are not found at the doctor‘s office, and are not generally a part of our health insurance plans, they do have an invaluable role in medicine for those interested in pursuing alternative and non-invasive forms of healing. Looking beyond the physical body to include the metaphysical body and the subtle energies of those higher forms, there are more possibilities for health and healing.

Spiritual response therapy, spiritual psychic healing

Psychic healers using metaphysical healing can impact the order and balance of the body though the subtle energy bodies, says spiritual response therapy expert. Magnetic healing with subtle energies uses the same principals as spiritual psychic healing, although this type of psychic healing is limited to physical contact. Spiritual psychic healing is unlimited by the boundaries of space and time.

Metaphysical Healing with Subtle Energies

Metaphysical healing or spiritual response therapy is not a revolutionary new discovery in medicine, but an ancient healing art, utilized by various cultures in various forms. It encompasses both what is sometimes known as the healing touch, laying-on-of-hands healing, or magnetic healing, and spiritual psychic healing. One deals with the more easily accessible subtle energies of the etheric body, and the other uses the subtle energies of the astral, mental, or causal bodies to impact health. Regardless of form or intensity, psychic healers are channeling the higher vibrational characteristics of the multidimensional human, transferring healing energy to the person who is physically or mentally ill.

There are references to this type of alternative medicine in historical texts, from the Bible to the Ebers Papyrus, written in 1552 B.C. by the Egyptians. Today, the technological means exist to confirm the effects of subtle energies. For example, in the 1980s, Dr. John Zimmerman reported increased magnetic field emission from the hands of psychic healers during healing with the use of Superconducting Quantum Interface Devices (SQUID).

There have also been tests to study the impact of spiritual psychic healing. Dr. Robert Miller, with the use of a special electromechanical transducer, measured the effects of psychic healers on the growth of rye grass from a distance of 600 miles away. He found a tremendous increase in growth rates during the time that the healers were visualizing the plants filled with light and energy. An English researcher, Maxwell Cade, found synchronized brain wave patterns between patients and healers during spiritual psychic healing. These brainwave patters are unique to experienced psychic healers. There are noticeable results as well as detectable evidence of metaphysical healing, but how exactly subtle energies work is only in theory form as technology is not able to monitor the energy flow of the multidimensional human.

How Spiritual Response Therapy Expert Use Magnetic Healing

Spiritual response therapy

Touch or magnetic healing is different than healing with magnets, in that magnets are not used, but rather the movement of subtle energies through the medium of a psychic healer. By the physical contact of hands, or an intermediary such as water or organic cotton that a psychic healer has transferred energy into, magnetic healing effects cellular structure and expression. It is believed that the negative, entropic nature of the etheric body (and other subtle energy bodies) has the ability to bring stability and restructuring to the physical body, therefore correcting a state of disorder or illness. The healer introduces a boost of energy, from the subtle energy bodies, which increases the rate of healing and encourages cells to return to a state of natural order, homeostasis.

With magnetic healing, the etheric body is impacted, which is the subtle body with the closest vibrational energy frequency to the physical body; it is in fact connected to the physical body through an energy interface, often considered to be the meridian system used in traditional Chinese medicine. Although powerful at this level, spiritual psychic healing is the next level of metaphysical healing, as it deals with the subtle energy bodies beyond the etheric body.

How Psychic Healers Use Spiritual Psychic Healing

While physical closeness is necessary for magnetic healing, spiritual psychic healing deals with even higher vibrational levels of consciousness than the etheric body, and requires a psychic healer able to work with subtle energies from the astral, mental, or causal bodies. Physical touch is completely irrelevant at this level, as space and time are meaningless when working with these higher dimensional energies, adds spiritual response therapy.

Spiritual response therapy

Psychic healers use the power and focus of their mind to encourage healing in an individual. This usually entails being in a state of meditation, and having a deep awareness of unconditional love. As disease can originate with negative emotions or thoughts, distorting the astral and mental bodies respectively, spiritual psychic healing may be more effective than magnetic healing for those illnesses which may have originated in these higher subtle energy bodies.

Psychic healers or spiritual response therapy are essentially wave guides, bringing the directions for order and well-being to an individual. While alternative therapy may not be ideal for all circumstances, metaphysical healing has great potential to enhance the field of medicine.

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