Spiritual vibrations: Choosing the right pendulum

Dowsing is an ancient art translated into modern life. The practice of using a pendulum, for spiritual vibrations, to ask simple “yes or no” questions has been popularized for use in healing work and to aid those with allergies or sensitivities in making wiser choices for their health. A pendulum can be made from crystals, metal, glass, plastic, beads, or even ordinary objects like a bullet or a key ring. Most healers will tell you that it’s possible to dowse with anything… but finding just the right pendulum can make a real difference in accuracy, confidence, and the enjoyment of dowsing.

Spiritual vibrations: Choosing the right pendulum

Types of Dowsing Tools

There are dozens of different dowsing tools, from foot-long L rods to bouncy, demonstrative bobbers. It’s possible to use almost any object for dowsing if you put your mind to it, but some are more suited to particular kinds of dowsing than others for perfect spiritual vibrations.

Y rods and L rods are great for finding ley lines and underground water systems on land

Bobbers are ideal for demonstrating something to a class, and for rapidly shifting or altering conditions during energy work

The pendulum is the perfect everyday dowsing tool because it’s easy to carry with you in a pocket and it’s relatively unobtrusive to use. It is best suggested for spiritual vibrations.

Different Types, Styles and Sizes of Pendulum

There are hundreds of different pendulums, from small metal ones to ornate jewelry made from crystal beads and semi-precious stones.

Some pendulums are designed to be used for specific kinds of dowsing, and may be marked with symbols or incisions for different frequencies.

More complicated pendulums are not necessarily better, but neither are simple ones. What’s most important is picking a pendulum that is compatible with you and that you feel good using.

How to Find Your Pendulum: Attraction to Certain Stones, Shapes or Colors

You’ll probably find as you being searching for a pendulum that you’re attracted to particular styles or colors for spiritual vibrations. Some pendulums will draw your fingers and you’ll want to touch and examine them; others you’ll want to avoid.

A pendulum is, more than anything else, an extension of your intuition. Pay attention if your inner voice is guiding you towards certain pendulums and away from others.

Choosing Your Pendulum: Dowse a Few Questions

Once you’ve found a pendulum (or two, or three) that you like, ask it a few sample questions before you take it home.

Spiritual vibrations

Start with basic clearing questions: Am I okay to dowse right now? Can I, may I, should I dowse?
Is this pendulum good for me?
Is this the best pendulum for me to work with right now and in the near future?
Should I purchase this pendulum today?

With a little bit of insight and by paying attention to your hunches and to which pendulums draw your attention, you can easily find a powerful dowsing tool that is right for you.

Dowsing to Transform Energies for Spiritual Vibrations

Dowsing has been used for centuries to find hidden sources of water, detect and heal earth energies, and communicate with the subtle voices of the plants, animals, and spirits around us. Contemporary healers have adapted the art of the pendulum in new ways to use dowsing for healing work. Dowsing can be used to release addictive and self-destructive patterns, heal emotional wounds, help people connect with a higher source, and release the impact of external energies on our physical, mental and emotional systems to clear our thinking and to balance physical body chemistry.

The History of Dowsing

Originally used as a tool for finding underground water and tracking “ley lines” or lines of energy in the ground, dowsing has close ties to the earth and to healing and spiritual practices grounded in respect for the land.

Dowsing is one of very few contemporary healing traditions that can be traced to European roots.

What is Dowsing

Spiritual vibrations - pendulum

Dowsing in spiritual vibrations involves the use of a pendulum or other device, such as a bobber, spinner, a Y-rod or a set of L-rods (“Y” or “L”-shaped branches or metal rods normally used to dowse for water), or even equipment as simple as a key on a string, or a pendant on a long chain.

A dowser asks simple questions (usually directional or yes/no) and receives answers by training themselves to read the movement of the pendulum or other tool. Common dowsing systems include:

understanding clockwise movement as “yes” and counterclockwise as “no”
reading horizontal movement (like a headshake) as “no” and vertical movement (towards and away from the dowser, like someone nodding) as “yes”

Modern dowsers will often use a pendulum or other device to change the energy behind belief systems, habits and fears as well as for physical healing.

How Does Dowsing Work

There is no definitive explanation for how or why (or even if) dowsing really works.

Some people believe that with openness and willingness, any dowsing tool becomes a channel for God, guardian angels, or other guidance to heal and to give us the answers we seek.

Others believe that dowsing enables people to step outside of their rational mind and access the higher self or intuition – the innate inner wisdom which already knows all the answers.

Dowsing involves a mental “sidestep” or shift in which a dowser steps out of their own ego mind and simply asks questions and waits neutrally for an answer. Brain wave scans show that dowsers slip from normal beta waves into alphawave patterns, the same frequency that is experienced during meditation and that is most powerful for manifestation.

Stepping beyond the conscious mind’s demands can be difficult to do when dowsing one’s own personal questions or emotionally charged situations. In these cases, it is often helpful to consult with another dowser.

How Can I Learn To Dowse

It’s a good idea to start with some basic knowledge and training. Mostly, though, what it takes to become an expert dowser is lots of practice. Pick up a pendulum and dowse a lot! At first it may feel like nothing is happening, but with experience the feel for it does come. You feel good spiritual vibrations.

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