Low-cost Water Filtering System – Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters can really improve the quality of drinking water by removing unpleasant odors and tastes. Although often overlooked in favor of the higher end sink water filters and whole house water filters, faucet water filters are a great choice for some households.

]Faucet Water Filters

What are Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters are attached to the water faucet in place of the aerator. They consist of a cylinder that contains the filter as well as a knob that turns the filter on and off. Some faucet water filters do not have a knob, but rather the cartridge tank itself moves up and down to the filter on and off. The purpose of being able to turn off faucet water filters is so that filtered water can be used for drinking, but non-filtered water is used for other tasks, such as washing dishes. This conserves the cartridge, thus making them last longer.

Installing Faucet Water Filters

Installing faucet water filters is extremely easy and most home owners will have no problem doing it themselves. First place one hand under the faucet and turn counterclockwise to remove the aerator. Next, screw in the metal coupling provided with the faucet water filter and then attach the water filter itself by screwing it in.

Install the cartridge inside the cartridge tank and turn the water on. Allow the water to run for several minutes to flush excess carbon out before using.

What do Faucet Water Filters Remove?

Faucet water filters remove several undesirable elements from drinking water. They remove trace amounts of both manmade and natural chemicals such as radon, pesticides and chlorine. If the cartridge is an activated carbon filter, as most are, then it also removes any odors or tastes, such as sulfur in coastal locations.

Cost of Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters are the most inexpensive water filter available other than a pitcher filter. Prices vary by manufacturer but in general, faucet water filters run between $20 and $60. In addition, they require a filter cartridge that must be replaced on a monthly basis, sometimes more depending on water usage. The average cost of a replacement filter cartridge is $20 to $35.

Faucet water filters have several advantages over other types of water filters, including their low cost, ease of installation and portability. They are also often used in conjunction with water softening systems, to further improve the quality of drinking water.


  • Manjunath

    impressive. Faucet Water Filters are cost effective and i really suprised about removing manmade and natural chemicals such as radon, pesticides and chlorine. very good article about Faucet Water Filters. thank you for giving knowledge about this water filter. definitly, i will buy one. Thank you

  • Ani Philip

    71% of earth is covered with water but drinking water is only 3%of that, water is the main important for every living thing, getting pure water in lover cost is very grate thing….this article is very useful and knowledgeable.
    thankyou sunil sonkar for the valuable information.

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