Medicare- Health insurance is your right, not privilege

Medicare Medicare- Health insurance is your right, not privilege

Medicare is a popular and government-funded health insurance program in the USA (United States of America). Under the SSA (Social Security Administration), this health insurance program was started in the year of 1966. Now the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid service (CMS) is responsible for the administration of this health program. As per Social Security Administration People who are 65 or more than that are eligible to be covered under Medicare insurance policy. Younger people who have some physical disability are eligible for the program and are categorized under Long Term Disability. Medicare is applicable for those who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and end-stage renal disease. As per the last year statistical report, the health insurance, which is provided by Medicare, has crossed more than 59.9 million individuals. Out of this 52 million people are more than 65 and young people with physical disability are 8 million. The main benefit of Medicare bears half expenses of the premium and in some cases, even more than that. Medicare has four parts. Parts A, B, C, and D.

Medicare (Eligibility) Medicare- Health insurance is your right, not privilege

Who can enroll in Medicare (Eligibility)

For Medicare Part A and B eligibility, one should be the citizen of the USA or he/she should be the permanent legal resident of the USA for at least 5 years continuously. Also, you need to meet at least one below-mentioned criteria to get Medicare.

Age should be 65 or more than that

You can directly enroll in the Medicare health insurance program if you are 65+. As per the rule when you enter in 65, you are eligible for social security. If you are already getting the social security or the RRB (Railroad retirement board) by default, you will qualify for the Part A and Part B on the first day of the month when you step into 65. Suppose your birthday is on 1st, then part A and part B coverage will start from the prior month. If you are not getting any social security or the RRB as you are working still, then for having the part B benefits, you must sign up for Medicare health insurance, and complete the age requirement. To get more information log in

Permanently disabled and should get disability benefits for a minimum of 2 years

If you get the disability benefits for the last 2 years from the social security and RRB you will get Part A and Part B automatically.

Do you have ESRD issue (End-stage renal disease)

If any patients suffer from kidney failure and require a kidney transplant or going through dialysis. As the enrolment is not automatic, you need to sign up for the Medicare.

cost of medicare part a and b Medicare- Health insurance is your right, not privilege

Cost of Medicare

Are you planning to take the Medicare health insurance program for your parents? How much does Medicare part a cost? Here are the details;

Part A premium

This part is also known as “premium dree part A”. Most of the people usually do not pay for part A premium. You will need to pay $437 per month if you buy part A. It is the standard premium of part A. If you have already paid the taxes for 30-39 months, then the premium would be only $240

Part B premium

$135 is the standard premium for Part B. The premium can go higher, it depends on your income.

cost of medicare part a and b Medicare- Health insurance is your right, not privilege

Part C and D premium

The monthly premium for part C can vary. You can compare for the cost for part C plan with part D. For some part D is less expensive, and they go with Part D thus premium varies. Consumers who are earning higher than average citizens pay more percentage of the premium and government bears less and vice versa.

So, we can see how important to take health insurance. If you are based in the US you have to take health insurance else you are breaking the law of the land being a citizen. It gives coverage to you and your family from any health-related concerns and emergency medical situation.

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    For retired senior citizen who is now base in the Philippines am I allowed to use my Medicare here and what hospital to go for all procedures treatment or admission allowed for confinement . Any newsletters I can read to verify the validity of this word of mouth from friends Thank You

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