Secrets for ageless skincare

Some of our everyday habits cause our skin to age greater than they actually should. Unfortunately, they are not always habits we can set aside or completely make up for the damage that has been done to our skin in the past. But there is always hope! Finding the secrets for ageless skincare can help with our skin’s appearance here and now.

Secrets for ageless skincare

There are many things that cause our skin to age: smoking, previous sun exposure, poor diet, poor skincare, and lack of sleep. By dumping these bad habits alone will help improve the texture and complexion of the skin. But what if it’s too late? What if we have been participating in these bad habits for years?

First off, remember, it’s never too late! Walk away from these things now and begin to benefit from a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Most likely there will be other great benefits besides beautiful skin.

Next, add some skincare products to help boost and overcome the effects caused by these age-sacrificing habits.

Basic skincare needs need to be met like cleansing the face and using an SPF moisturizer. When washing the face remember to massage the skin for 30 seconds. This will ensure all the dirt and other impurities will be washed away. Plus, massaging will help stimulate cells which will help rejuvenate the skin. An SPF moisturizer needs to be used to prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays, plus to lock in moisture.

Add an antioxidant treatment to the daily skincare routine. Unfortunately damaging free radicals (the sun, pollution, and stress) can still bypass products and damage skin. By adding an antioxidant treatment it will “build” another barrier that will help protect the skin further.

ageless skincare

Exfoliation is a powerful weapon in the skincare army. Exfoliating as frequently as every other day will help replenish collagen and fight many skin problems. An extra benefit to exfoliating, the other products in the skincare regimen will work more efficiently because they will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Depending on the skincare problems, there are multiple products that can be added for ageless skincare. Many products will help prevent wrinkles, even out skin tone, and increase the look of the complexion. Look for products that can easily be added to the skincare routine.

Last but not least remember water is everyone’s best friend. Since most of our body and therefore the skin is made from water, water will benefit us greatly. Making sure to drink the recommended amount of water a day is a must. Add more fruits and vegetables in the diet since they also contain mostly water. And always make sure to apply moisturizers and lotions to the body immediately to lock in water.

Wrinkle Prevention

Wrinkle prevention is important to many people. However, many of us have damaging habits that are not only bad for the health of the body but can also cause wrinkles. These wrinkle-causing habits are: smoking, high sun exposure, poor diet and poor skincare.

Smoking: A habit like smoking is the fastest and most damaging way to skin aging. Often we talk of smoking and the terrible effects it has on the body, primarily the lungs and esophagus. But smoking also harms the largest body organ, the skin. Nicotine found in cigarettes will break down collagen which causes the skin to lose its elasticity. Also, because smoking requires the continual use of muscles around the mouth, mouth wrinkles will form and become deep over the years. There has also been some evidence to show that smoking can cause the pigment in the skin to change.

wrinkle prevention

Sun Exposure: Sun prevention is another way to prevent wrinkles. Avoiding the sun or limiting sun exposure will help reduce wrinkles. UVA rays cause skin wrinkles and aging. The best way to prevent sun exposure is to limit it. If exposed to the sun for long periods of time, then protection is important. Use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and cover with long sleeves, pants and a hat.

Poor Diet: Eating a diet with high fats and few vegetables will also contribute to skin wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles, a diet with high antioxidant food will help reestablish collagen and regain elasticity. Vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers, kale and fruits like blueberries will greatly prevent wrinkles. Plus it is important to drink water throughout the day; this will also help hydrate the skin to reduce wrinkles.

Poor Skincare: Proper skincare can contribute to reduced wrinkles. Taking the time to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize on a daily basis will help fight the natural breakdown of skin aging. Eye cream is also an important step for women over 25.

Growing older is not always easy but there are simple measures we can take to wrinkle prevention. Family heredity does play a large part in how our bodies age. However, just because wrinkles “run in the family” does not mean wrinkle prevention is impossible. Don’t take the fight lying down! Take the effort to take care of the skin and stop the bad habits that are causing skin wrinkles.

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