Tips To Be Healthy This Summer On Overseas Vacation

Vacation is best part in one’s life, but it is to note that you should have a relaxing trip. Below are some important tips how to remain healthy while you are on overseas tour.

overseas vacation


Dehydration is very common in many locations during the summer months. The situation becomes worst in certain countries where water tap is not made available readily and even water is not commonly offered. Hotels too charge high price to deliver water in rooms. So it is suggested to buy a cheap big bottle as well as a little bottle of water from the market. Fill the small one from the large bottle whenever you go out.


You probably don’t medidate in your normal life and it is high possibility you won’t be doing it on your vacation. However, it is a good idea to meditate when your plane is delayed or when you are unable to sleep due to change in time in other country. About 10 minutes of meditation will relax your body and mind. It will keep your blood pressure in control and is obviously better than a pill.



Try to take personal time to decompress. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a sight seeing for spa. This is important to relax you. Book a massage and if not at least take the benefit of hotel’s complimentary bathing and sauna facilities.


Never include dessert in your dinner dish every night. It is also to note that having chocolate cake every night means tight clothes, bloat and lack of energy. It is evident through studies that sugar is linked to cancer. Indulge less in sweet dish and you will feel your body is appreciating it.



If you are not habituated of having alcohol every day, try to skip for about two days in a week on vacation. If you drink every day, try to step into different activities that will keep you away from breweries. Regular booze on vacation is not good.


Proper and enough sleep in much required. If you are on overseas vacation, it is obvious you may find difficulties in having good sleep due to change in time. Don’t frequently indulge in late night and early morning tours.


Couple of days of bronzed glow may risk your life. It may fear you of skin cancer or give you a lifetime of wrinkles. It is highly suggested to use sunscreen when out of sun on vacation.

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