Top Tips On How To Keep Yourself Healthy During Winters

Winter months are different from that of summer. The temperature is cold and you tend to go less outside, but it is highly urged to follow certain health tips to keep yourself healthy. Below are a short briefing about how to help keep yourself healthy and what to wear. Remember, just washing hands will not help.


Indoor air quality

During winters you spend more time being indoors and the air quality inside is usually lower than the air quality outside. Indoor allergens and air pollutants can negatively impact your health. Hence it is suggested to vacuum frequently, at least twice a week, keep the home clean and wash sheets each week. If you are using air filters, replace it each month. Also, consider spending time outside too even though it is cold.

Wash hand

It may sound very basic to you, but take note that it is highly effective way in stopping the spread of germs. Health experts suggest to wash hands after every few hours. Don’t forget to do the same after using the toilet and also before meals. More to all these, wash hands too after using someone else’s phone or keyboard.


One of the best ways to avoid flu during the winters is by getting vaccinated as this is the most effective way in preventing flu.


During the cold months it is not easy to get motivated. However, you need to get warm. Experts suggest to do physical activity for about 30 minutes each day. This will help you burn more. It is better to find an exercise partner and go for jogging or gym together.


You should always eat healthy food. You need to keep your immune system should be in shape during the colder days and this can be done by eating a healthy diet. This will help your body to respond to infections. So eat lots of vegetables and fruits during the winter months.

Vitamins and minerals

Key to healthy immune system is zinc, iron and vitamin C. So boost up your dietary habit like eating more of leafy greens, red and yellow vegetables and other such which are high in antioxidants.


Even in winters you need to keep yourself hydrated regardless of lower temperature and you won’t get dehydrated. Take note that body loses a lot of fluid during the cold period. Try to drink boiled water with little lemon.

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