Top 5 Most Valuable Sports Brands

Top 5 Most Valuable Sports Brands

Sports companies have to face fierce, never-ending competition from each other trying to make their brands more recognizable, popular and, of course, valuable. Who have won the Big Game this year? Check the ranking below and find out what the most popular brands in the world of sports are.

The ranking below includes the most valuable brands connected with sports business. Each brand’s value has been estimated judging by its earning power.

5. Sky Sport
The brand’s value reached $4.6bln last year. Since 2010, it has grown by 254%. The audience of the group of sports television channels is by far less than that of its rival, ESPN (5.5 million), but the subscription is much more expensive.

4. Under Armour
One of the promising factors for the label is its extremely fast growth. Taking into consideration the total brand value of $5bln and the 843% rise since 2010, there is every possibility that Under Armour will stay at the top of the next year’s ranking, too.

3. Adidas
The third place in the list is occupied by another manufacturer of sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. The brand, which belongs to German multinational corporation Adidas AG, costs $7bln. Since 2010, the brand value has diminished by 15%.

Adidas is considered Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer. Also, it is the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer (behind Nike). One of the facts boosting the brand’s popularity is that the sportswear with the Adidas logo is used by hundreds of professional players.

Among the global sports television channels, ESPN is the richest. The brand itself is worth 17bln. The US-based global cable and satellite channel belongs to ESPN Inc., which is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation.

The number of subscribers reduced by 11 million over the previous year, yet it stays at a rather high level of about 90 million households, as of 2017. Since 2010, the brand’s value has risen by 62%, while over the previous year the value rose by 2.9%. Although it is several times less than most other companies in the Top 5 (Under Armour, Sky Sports, and Nike), it is still a positive result giving hope that the company will stay somewhere at the top of the list the next year, too.

1. Nike
The Nike brand’s value has been estimated at an astonishing $26bln, which makes it undoubtedly the most valuable label in the world of sports. In comparison with ESPN, its closest rival, Nike costs $9bln more. Starting from 2010, the brand’s worth has risen by 143%. During the previous year, Nike’s shares added 41%, while the revenue rose by 3.8%. According to a recent customer survey, about 90% of all the respondents can recognize the Nike logo.

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