What to Eat to Lose that Unwanted Tummy Fat

What to Eat to Lose that Unwanted Tummy Fat
What to Eat to Lose that Unwanted Tummy Fat

When trying to lose that unwanted tummy fat, it’s easy to become discouraged – sometimes it seems to take too long, take too much effort or time, and it soon loses its flavor after a few heartfelt tries. The fact is, it’s not so much how much you eat rather than what you eat which makes the difference between gaining and losing that unwanted weight on your belly. Here, though, are some dishes that are healthy – and will certainly help you lose those stones more quickly and safely.

Go for oatmeal in the morning

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and is a great alternative to that bacon, kippers, and eggs. Other cereals, such as corn flakes or wholegrain bread are a healthy way to start the day as well. Be careful, though – don’t go for the varieties that are sugar-coated. If you need to sweeten the dish up, go for a banana, other fruits, or raisins.

Go nuts

Nuts are a wonderful way to feel full whilst you trim that tummy. Almonds are a favorite and fulfill the purpose, although basically any kind of nut will do. Avoid salted nuts, however, as they contain sodium, which can raise your blood pressure.

Olive oil is a healthy fat

Rather than using butter the next time you cook a meal, try using olive oil instead. Not only do you avoid the calories you would normally get from butter, but you’ll also feel less hungry because olive oil actually controls hunger. It also helps keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Fish and other lean meat

Turkey and the white part of chicken and fish (especially tuna and salmon) are the perfect viands for you to lose that tummy fat. Lean meat is harder to digest than fat and other meat, so your body has to burn more calories to digest it. You’ll cut down on saturated fats and burn more calories whilst you’re at it.

Have your daily dose of dairy

Dairy products contain lots of calcium. Calcium is not just good for your bones – it also helps prevent fat build-up, and even aids in the breakdown of those fats. Use your common sense, though – fat-rich cheeses and full cream milk are a less healthy option than the low-fat or fat-free varieties.

Green coffee and green tea does the trick

Both green tea and green coffee extract are rich in antioxidants, and this helps your body cleanse itself from radicals and harmful chemicals. They also help you speed up your metabolism, which makes you shed those calories even faster. Research has proven that subjects who drink green tea or take green coffee extracts burn as much as 266 calories more than the average person.

There are many healthy ways to improve your lifestyle and lose that unwanted belly fat – and it doesn’t really require that much effort.

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