5 Things New Homeowners Should Know in Fairfax, VA

5 Things New Homeowners Should Know in Fairfax, VA

Becoming a homeowner is exciting but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. If your new home is within the historic and vibrant city of Fairfax, VA, there are so many things you can look forward to as you become part of the youthful community.

Fairfax is a suburb of Washington D.C. with a mellow small-town atmosphere blended with profound historic, cultural and recreational spectacle. The city also boasts of high-quality education with some of the top-ranking primary and secondary schools and the finest colleges in the country. With its metropolitan city, a booming economy and abundance of astonishing destinations, Fairfax can definitely be the ideal place to live.

As a new homeowner, the major adjustments and new things to discover can be overwhelming. But with adequate preparation, you can ease the stress and be ready for whatever’s waiting for you. There are several things you need to know as a new homeowner in Fairfax, VA, including:

1. Prepare Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Your new home is among your major investments, hence it is your responsibility to protect it. Before moving or doing anything to it, you will need to secure your home insurance. In some cases, it is even required to have homeowners’ insurance and to show proof, especially when you are applying for a mortgage or refinancing.

The process of buying home insurance can take a lot of planning and comparing prices before being able to choose a coverage that suits your needs. So, be sure to prepare for it prior to moving so you can save yourself from the hassle and worries. Taking the time to secure good home insurance early in the process of purchasing a home not just protects your house but also shields you, the homeowner, from future expenses in times of calamities, fire, or even when someone gets injured within your property’s premises.

2. Check out the School Districts

Fairfax is known to have some of the top-ranked public schools in Virginia. The county is home to Thomas Jefferson High For Science And Technology, Poplar Tree Elementary School and Sangster Elementary School, all of which are top-ranking with higher averages in Math and reading proficiency, compared to other public schools in the U.S. These schools are also cradles of rich culture and diversity.

Fairfax also has non-government owned schools for primary and secondary, as well as colleges and universities. One of the largest universities in Virginia, George Mason University, is also just south of the city limits of Fairfax.  If you are moving to Fairfax with your kids or are planning to raise children in the future, you can rest assured that quality education is within reach.

3. Protect Your Home Against Pests

Regardless of where you live, pests will be in and around your home from time to time. Virginia commonly deals with ants, centipedes, spiders, and even stink bugs and silverfish. Fairfax homes are not exemptions from infestations of such insects. Prior to moving to your new home, it is ideal to take precautions. Inspect your home for any traces of pests and be proactive in making your home pest-proof.

As most common pests are relatively small, try to seal all small openings or cavities as well as cracks and holes on your walls, doorways, or ceiling if there are any. If your home is newly built, you can ask your contractors if pest-proofing chemicals were applied to foundations and walls to keep termites and rodents at bay.

Keep your home and your yard sanitized and make an effort to have an organized waste or garbage disposal system. This will help avoid attracting any kind of pest into your home. If you notice any early signs of infestation, try to stop the problem before it gets out of hand by contacting Fairfax Pest control services. Getting professional help early will reduce the chances of severe and more costly damages to your home. This way, you can save from the costs and stress that pests can cause.

4. Understand Your HOA

Guided by its Consumer Affairs Branch, Fairfax has over 1,500 homeowners’ and condominium associations, and all of them are listed online. You can search for the area where you will be moving and contact the homeowners’ association (HOA) of that community to get preliminary information. Reaching out to them in advance will help you prepare better to know what to expect when you get to Fairfax, plus you’ll get to have an instant acquaintance so you don’t feel out of place.

Most HOAs require monthly or annual fees for the maintenance of the community’s amenities or for community programs, so be sure to get in touch and ask about these fees or if there are any other requirements you must follow. This can also help you give a good impression to your future neighbors in Fairfax.

5. Explore the History

Virginia is rich in history, in fact, the state is considered ideal for history lovers. It is home to eight former U.S. presidents, including the first five presidents of the country, making Virginia a history icon. Living in Fairfax will bring you closer to history, as you can visit the homes of former presidents.

Moreover, Fairfax, within itself, does not fall short on history and culture, with the first land battle of the Civil War, The Battle of Fairfax Court House, taking place on its lands in 1861. The Fairfax County Courthouse, now known as the Historic Fairfax Courthouse or Old Fairfax Courthouse, is among the oldest historic places and buildings in Virginia, and it is very much worth visiting.

Along with this, there are more historical sites in Fairfax that can take you through the county’s fascinating history, including Blenheim Civil War Interpretive Center that’s known for its exceptional collection of Union soldiers’ Civil War graffiti, the City of Fairfax Historic District, the Old Fairfax County Jail and the 29 Diner built on 1947.

Make Fairfax Your Home

Fairfax, VA, has impressive educational opportunities, rich culture, and significant history, nurturing the lives of the communities in it. It is certianly a place where you can build a home. Becoming part of a new community can be daunting but being prepared and open for new people, stories, and experiences will help you adapt to being a Fairfax homeowner and resident.

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