Top 5 Reasons Your New Windows Should Be Vinyl


Top 5 Reasons Your New Windows Should Be Vinyl

Today’s homeowners have multiple options for new windows. Along with styles, you also have choices for different materials. Vinyl is one of the most popular selections today and with good reason. If you are thinking of replacing all of your existing windows, here are some of the reasons vinyl would be an excellent choice.

Customization is Simpler

Unless your home was built in the last several decades, there’s a chance that the windows are not all the same size. They may be close, but there is a slight difference from one window to the next. That can make it difficult to plan for a complete window replacement if you choose more traditional materials.

The nice thing about selecting vinyl Winnipeg windows is that customization is much easier to manage. In fact, it may take a single alteration to ensure a standard window is the ideal size. Along with saving money, this approach also ensures the installation process is not slowed to any great degree.

No Worries With Warping or Rotting

Wood was once the material of choice for residential windows. While still one of the more popular options, there are some issues to keep in mind. Wood can warp when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Termites can damage the wood considerably. If the wood is not treated properly, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to rot.

Vinyl is free of all these potential issues. The quality of vinyl used for windows ensures warping will not take place. Termites cannot damage the material, so every part of the window remains sturdy. Vinyl also does not rot, so you never have to worry about a sill or sash crumbling in your hands.

Great Way to Keep Out Street Noise

New Windows Should Be Vinyl

Not everyone is aware of how vinyl can block outside noises. This is particularly important if you live on a busy street. Between the vinyl framework and the double panes that come as part of the design, those Toronto windows make it all the easier to enjoy peace and quiet in the home. People who work nights and need that quiet to sleep during the day will find vinyl is the ideal solution.

Less Maintenance and Upkeep

Think of all the things you have to do with your current windows. There’s the sanding, scraping, and painting that has to be done at least once every five years. Perhaps new weather stripping has become something you install every autumn. The hardware tends to wear out and needs changing from time to time. Through it all, there’s the routine cleaning needed to keep the windows looking their best.

Much of that upkeep is eliminated when you opt for vinyl windows. The color never fades or chips, so you can forget about scraping and painting. Since the vinyl retains it’s shape in all types of weather, you don’t need the weather stripping. Even the cleaning is easier to manage. In many cases, a quick wipe with a dame cloth is all you need on the inside. Outside, use the water hose to wash away any dirt or grime and you’re done for the season.

Excellent Energy Ratings

Did you know that vinyl does not conduct heat or cold? The same cannot be said for the other materials used for residential windows. Think of what this means in terms of heating and cooling your home.

Without that transference of heat or cold from the outside, maintaining the desired temperature in your home will be a lot easier. Cool or warm spots near the windows will no longer be present. Overall, your home heating and cooling system will not have to consume as much energy to maintain the indoor temperature you prefer. That translates into lower utility bills and more money you can use for other things.

Talk with a contractor today and learn more about what vinyl windows have to offer. Once you understand all the benefits, settling on the right materials for your replacement windows will be easy.

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