Girls, Follow These Tips To Choose Best Lip Color

Girls and women loves color, but do you know how to choose the perfect lip color that will look good on you. Below are some useful tips for those who like to wear lipstick regularly. There are plenty of shades available in the market but the correct ones for you would probably be very few. Even though color would catch your eyes in the store, but this may not mean it will look good on you.

Before wasting money on several collections of lipstick the first and foremost thing to know is to determine your skin tone and learn what suits you the best. If you have cool characteristics then wearing blue and pinkish undertones are recommended to match with the silver jewelry. If you wear gold, it is better you opt for yellow, orange or olive undertones. Some have natural characteristics and they can carry themselves in variety of tones.

It is better to choose an everyday color to look better in any outfit. Light to medium shade usually goes with about any outfit. However, take note that too light share can wash out your complexion and even too dark one may make you look out of sync. Fair skin gets good match with light pinks, peaches or golden browns. if your skin tone is medium, it is suggested to for medium pinks and apricots.

You can go for matte or gloss, but know that matte has a dull, shine-free finish where as the other one gives you a wet, shiny and sparkly look. The matte lasts longer and looks more dramatic. However, you can also get in store matte gloss, which is a wet finish look and less shine. Gloss is more hydrating.

Everyone loves to wear red, but choosing the right red is the big question. Try to pick the right shade that can go cool with your tone. It is better to choose a blue-red or orange-red. For dark skin tone a burgundy-red is better.

Try the shade before buying. Many stores offer such free service. Know how you look with the share before wasting money.

Never forget that lipstick should match your outfit. It is better to stay with the same color family.

Last but not the least, do note that your lips should be exfoliated and hydrated. So read the label of the lipstick and find out whether it serves the purpose. You will get plenty of such lipsticks.

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