Great Coffee Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Looking for fun and unique coffee gift ideas for an avid and insatiable coffee connoisseur? Here are five unique and compelling coffee gift ideas for the coffee lover that has everything.

coffee gift ideas

Great Coffee Gift Idea – An Easy to Grow Coffee Plant

Imagine sipping on a deliciously brewed cup of coffee while tending to a lush and fragrant coffee plant. The glossy dark leaves, aromatic smell and fresh white flowers will flourish under the loving care and green thumb of a true coffee aficionado

After 3-4 years the coffee plant will bear coffee fruit in the form of a beautiful red coffee fruit. Coffee lovers can enjoy their unique coffee gift by harvesting the ripened fruit, extracting the aromatic beans and roasting them in the oven. Simply grind and brew for a cup of home made and home grown coffee.

Great Coffee Gift Idea – Kopi Luwak (The Rarest Coffee in the World)

Kopi Luwak is the rarest coffee in the world. It is a wild coffee bean harvested from Sumatra, Java and Bali for over eight years. This stuff is so rare that there are urban legends suggesting that the coffee does not even exist!

The Kopi Luwak coffee bean is harvested in Indonesia from the droppings of a civet cat that ingests only perfectly matured coffee berries. The berries are only half digested by the animal and excreted several hours later with the coffee beans in tact. The beans are then collected, prepared and roasted to perfection. Due to the processing nature of the bean the Kopi Luwak coffee bean is commonly referred to as animal coffee.

Great Coffee Gift Idea – A Coffee Lovers Very Own Coffee Blend

Any coffee lover would relish the opportunity to have a coffee blend created in their name. Create a custom blend and name it after the coffee connoisseur. Choose the coffee blend but as well as grind type including fine grind, regular grind or whole bean coffee.

Great Coffee Gift Idea – A French Press

A French press is the absolute best way to make coffee. The perfect cup of java is a delightful mix of strong flavors and hearty aroma and the coffee press is the most authentic and ideal way to enjoy a coffee brewed to perfection.

Treat your coffee lover to the Bodum 16 ounce Insulated Coffee Press so that he/she can enjoy coffee anywhere at any time. This portable and small sized French coffee press is perfect for the office, apartment and dorm room.

The quick and easy “brew and drink” coffee press has a rubber grip and comes with a durable heavy duty double walled cup that will keep coffee at the perfect temperature for hours.

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