Healing a Broken Heart with Breakup Songs

Whether a relationship was troubled for months, or the end seemed to come out of nowhere, dealing with a breakup is one of the hardest things to go through. Healing a broken heart takes time, and sometimes even when friends try to be there, the best answer is to be alone to grieve the end of the relationship. During this time, a person may feel lonely, sad, angry, or in denial. Sometimes music, and the emotions written in the lyrics and in the voice of the singer, is the only way to find any comfort or relief.

best breakup songs

Here are a few lists, based on emotion, of break up songs. R&B, pop, oldies, rock and country are all included here.

Sad Love Songs for Breakup Help

Sometimes sad love songs, even if they aren’t about breaking up, have so much emotion in them that they’re perfect to sing along and cry with. Here are a few that meet that bill.

-Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You
-Sarah McLachlan, Angel
-Dido, White Flag
-Bon Jovi, Bed of Roses
-Moby, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
-Coldplay, Yellow
-Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees

heart broken songs

Breakup Songs

While dealing with breakup often feels so lonely, everyone has been through this before. These artists have not only been through it, but have written songs about it that can really help with healing a broken heart.

-Sinead O’Connor, Nothing Compares 2 U
-No Doubt, Don’t Speak
-LeAnn Rhymes, How Do I Live
-Sarah McLachlan, I Will Remember You
-Guns N Roses, November Rain
-Toni Braxton, Un-break My Heart
-The Beatles, Yesterday
-Pat Benetar, Love is a Battlefield
-Justin Timberlake, Cry Me a River

Angry Heart Break Songs

best breakup songs

Sometimes breakups make people feel sad, but often they can produce anger, too. When revenge seems like a good idea, or screaming loudly feels good, these songs are the answer.

-Lisa Loeb, Stay
-Alanis Morissette, You Oughtta Know
-Ben Folds Five, Song for the Dumped
-Pearl Jam, Black
-Lauryn Hill, I Used to Love Him
-Janis Joplin, Piece of My Heart
-Bon Jovi, You Give Love a Bad Name
-Nancy Sinatra, These Boots Were Made for Walking

Best Break Up Songs for Moving On

Once the crying and anger are over with, here are a few good songs for moving on, putting the bad relationship in the past, and staying strong.

-Madonna, I’ll Remember
-Kelly Clarkson, Since You’ve Been Gone
-Christina Aguilera, Fighter
-Destiny’s Child, Survivor
-Aretha Franklin, Respect
-Beyonce, Single Ladies
-Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
-Shania Twain, Man I Feel Like a Woman

These songs are for crying and screaming, and eventually, for moving on and getting ready to face the world again.

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