Irish Christmas gifts for 6Yo or 7Yo boy or girl

Irish Christmas gift shopping and birthday shopping for a seven-year-old boy or girl can be quite difficult. Many holiday shoppers and birthday shoppers struggle to decide what’s an age appropriate gift for a six-year-old or seven-year-old child, and while each child’s preferences and developmental maturity will vary slightly, the following age-appropriate gift guide for seven-year-old will help guide shoppers toward that perfect toy.

For boys and girls – Bilibo

Bilibo is a unique toy that’s appealing to kids between the ages of two and seven. Bilibo is a toy like no other. Bilibo is a plastic scoop-shaped toy that kids can use for “open ended” play, which has many child development experts raving about this toy. One favorite Bilibo activity involves sitting and spinning – an activity that promotes balance, coordination and stimulation of the child’s vestibular system – a body system that’s key to a child’s development. Bilibo can be just about anything – a bucket, a sled, a doll igloo. Parents and kids are raving about Bilibo because it doesn’t just promote coordination and vestibular system development; this toy also promotes imagination and creativity.

For boys and girls – VTech and Leapster Electronic Toys

Gone are the days of mind-numbing handheld games for kids. Today’s handheld electronic games for kids are educational, promoting learning, coordination, logic and reasoning.

VTech and Leapster Electronic Toys

Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game System is a toy that will grow with children, since age appropriate games are made for kids between the ages of four to ten. This handheld educational gaming system for kids is available in pink and green and there’s a Leapfrog Leapster game (sold individually or as part of a game bundle) for just about every child’s interest. The Leapfrog Leapster makes learning fun for children, while also promoting eye-hand coordination and logic, among other skills.

Six or seven-year-old kids may also enjoy the VTech V.Motion Active Learning System, which is another educational gaming system for children. Like the Leapster handheld games, there are a wide array of educational games sold for the V.Motion Active Learning System, which can also be connected to the internet for game downloads.

For girls – Jewelry Kits

If there’s one thing a six or seven-year-old girl likes, it’s jewelry! Six or seven-year-old girls also tend to enjoy arts and crafts kits, so what could be better than a do-it-yourself jewelry kit? The Jingle Jewelry Kit by Alex and the Paint Ice Jewelry Kit by Alex are age appropriate gifts that that special seven-year-old girl is sure to enjoy.

Other great gift ideas for six or seven-year-old girls include arts and crafts kits and supplies and interactive dolls like Fur Real Friends Biscuit: My Loving Pup, Fur Real Friends Tumbles: My Roll Over Pup Beagle, Amazing McKayla and Amazing Allyson.

For boys – Legos

Legos are a classic and simple toy that appeal to kids of all ages, especially boys. Lego kits are a great gift for seven-year-old boys and even a few girls have been known to join in building with Legos. There’s a wide array of Lego kits out there that will appeal to both sexes, like Spongebob Squarepants Lego kits. Lego kits range in price and complexity – just be sure to pay attention to the recommended ages for the particular Lego kit that’s selected.

For girls and boys – Webkinz Plush Toys

Webkinz plush toys are very popular among young children and many four, five and six-year-old children enjoy these adorable stuffed animals. But Webkinz are not just any stuffed animal! Webkinz critters come with a special code that allows the child to log into Webkinz World on the web. Kids can visit the Webkinz website, where they “adopt” a cyber version of their Webkinz pet in Webkinz World.

The Webkinz website features games, contests, activities and even safe and kid-friendly chat features, allowing youngsters to interact with others in Webkinz World. Webkinz have become extremely popular among kids, but for this toy to “work” the child must have a home computer and permission from a parent to visit the website, so holiday shoppers should keep this in mind when considering Webkinz as a gift idea for kids this holiday season.

For girls and boys – Leapster L-Max Learning Game System

The Leapster L-Max is a handheld “learning game system” for kids. The Leapster game hardware is available in silver with blue trim or in metallic pink with purple buttons. The Leapster L-Max really makes learning fun and engaging for children, and it’s a perfect gift idea for a six-year-old boy or girl this holiday season.

The educational Leapster L-Max games are all educational in nature. There’s Leapster games with Dora the Explorer, Disney’s Cars and Dreamworks’ Madagascar, and there’s games that teach spelling, math, logic and other vital skills, like eye-hand coordination. Leapster L-Max game bundles.

For holiday shoppers who are looking to spend a bit less this Christmas, there’s the Leapfrog Leapster Learning Game System, available in green and pink. The Leapfrog Leapster is suited for kids age four to ten, so this handheld game system will be a great gift for six-year-old girls and boys since it will be enjoyed for several years to come. The Leapfrog Leapster also has a wide array of games and game bundles available – all of which are designed to make learning fun.

Kids may also enjoy the VTech V.Motion Active Learning System, another educational gaming system for children. Like the Leapster handheld games, there are a wide array of educational games sold for the V.Motion Active Learning System, which can also be connected to the internet for game downloads.

For boys and girls – Arts and Craft Supplies

Kids arts and craft supplies are sure to be a popular age-appropriate gift for six-year-old children this holiday season. There’s the new Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush that lights up to match the paint color that the child is using.

There’s also the Crayola Glow Station that allows kids to draw with light on a poster-sized canvas. Another great age-appropriate gift idea for six-year-old kids is the Crayola Color Wonder Sprayer that lets kids paint with a mess-free airbrush toy that sprays clear paint that magically turns colors when used on special Crayola paper.

More Age-Appropriate Irish Christmas gift Ideas

Kids age six are sure to enjoy a whole host of other gift ideas. Lego kits are always a popular gift idea with six-year-old boys. Fur Real Friends toys are interactive stuffed animals that will appeal to six or seven-year-old girls.

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