Proven Tips How To Tackle Strangers With Kindness

Strangers cannot be predicted easily and hence you need to be well protected to avoid any unnecessary confrontation with anyone outside. Here are some of the best tips how to deal with strangers.

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Correct start

It is well said to be positive. If you meet a stranger and want to avoid approaching any situation reluctantly, keep yourself calm and tell yourself no need to be anxious, everything will go well and the person seems nice. This way you can cheat your brain to some extent and you will be a bit in relaxing phase. So this way start with correct not instead of falling on wrong foot.

Have smiling face

People always like to interact with someone who is smiling and as the stranger does not know about you, it is suggested to carry a pleasing smile before speaking a word. It will encourage the stranger to move on quickly.

Let it go

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Strangers have tons of stupid questions and confronting may cost your precious time. So let it go and don’t make others around you upset. It is suggested to organize your day and understand “whatever helps you make it through.”

Let heated topic go too

You may come across such stranger who may discuss about politics or who may complain about everything. Simply nod and smile, and don’t start an argument.


Awkward silence of strangers should not be feared. Crack a question about the person as it is to note people love to talk about themselves. You can ask simple questions like what is the price of the cellphone he or she is using. Ask about from where she got the earrings as those are beautiful.

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Dumb trick

Play dumb and not scream if your bill is too high. The other person at the counter may help in making you understand. You will get better service.

Back down at right time

Even if you have an appointment you need to back down sometime like if the receptionist disagrees about the schedule. Ask yourself whether you can throw off your schedule by another half hour and agree with the receptionist to be seated in the waiting room for another half hour.


Compliments may soften a bad attitude of the stranger like saying “your shirt has good checks” to a painter. He will be pleased and well behaved.


The stranger may be anxiety-inducing as well as rage-inducing but this does not mean you too need to behave the same way. Stay cool and be kind. You will be rewarded.

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