How To Earn From YouTube Without Placing Ads

Many believe YouTube is one of the best platforms to earn handsome income every month and make a decent living in any of the metropolitan cities in your country. However, the fact is different. If earning was really easy, all the tech savvy and videographer would have become one of the richest men.

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YouTube uses an algorithm on the platform to measure the videos like how long viewers are staying on it to determine how much income the video must make. Also, you need to choose the threshold for getting paid like in every $100.

However, YouTuber says the bulk one’s income does not come completely from the YouTube even if you have a good or rather huge subscriber strength and viewership in some millions.

If believe to experts, most of the income comes from partnering or collaborating with brands. You may mention the name of the brand in your video and this earns you some money. The amount is subject to views and subscribers base.

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If the video is somewhere related to the brand, the price will be higher. You will get more money from mentioning the brand like you can make a video on how to keep yourself awake the whole night after drinking Red Bull.

Red Bull is a drink brand and will be interested in paying you money for such creative video.

If believed to a PR agency, many of the popular YouTubers even have a rate card stating how much they charge to simply mention a brand in their video.

The PR agency explains the rates vary from one YouTuber to another and it is basically on how big the channel is.

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Before YouTube became so much popular, the advertisers use to look for similar concept on blogs.

However, the real challenge is to get volume viewership on your YouTube channel to attract brands. In many cases the YouTubers not even are capable of making a cent from their videos in any way.

Apart from all these, it is to note that YouTube is the future as it is platform that is open for everybody. You don’t need to be a capitalised to plan an earning from it. The only thing required is to develop good content and sometimes unique creativity. Also, you need to keep patience to reach the threshold level of earning. The rest is on luck. If your star shine, you can surely become the YouTube sensation and earn a handsome money for your decent living.

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